Of morning breakfasts and heavy bags

With Kristine's morning routine of waking up so early in the morning, sometimes Kaelynn wakes up as well so she can join her sister for breakfast. Why, I am not sure but she cares a lot for her elder sister, which is quite obvious. Kristine on the other hand, pfft.

But its not easy to get the both of them to eat something for breakfast, though
Still, Kristine being the eldest, she is my prime target in my mission to get the food eaten and once that is done, Kaelynn will follow suit.

Another thing, despite her timetable, I am a bit worried about the increasing bulge in her bag. Its getting heavier too.
And most of them are exercise books....

Sleeping on the Floor again

And after some long chats and a bit of work from the office, its time to go to sleep. I find that it is very easy to go back to my old habit of sleeping late even though I have promised my Wife many years ago. But I just can't seem to break this habit nor worry about work. And then, there is always the Internet. Anyway, I made up my mind to go to sleep early tonight...

OK, Kaelynn is fast asleep but where is Kristine? Did she wander off to Grandma's room?

Oh, there she is. OK, I have to sleep on the floor tonight, no point waking her up and I am not in the mood to carry a 16Kg girl in the middle of the night. Neighbours might talk.