Pentium II

Do you recognise this? Its a Pentium II processor. Back in the 90's, it was THE processor after the Pentiums and the 480DXes. It was so "special" that they made a hoo-haa over it. And not only that, PC motherboards must have special sockets/connectors for this chip.

More than five years later, its obsolete.

And so here is it, lying on a junk heap, waiting to be scrapped.........

This was the first sight I saw. At first, I thought it was
some fancy heatsink. And when it turned it over.......

Its a Pentium II!

But I was more interested in the heatsink design
One day, when I get bored, I might open it up, to
see what it looks like, inside the housing.

But I know, I wont be seeing the chip exactly like
what the hologram sticker shows. Because its all
covered in ceramic/resin back goop in there.

The Mask

Kristine was up this morning but she felt very moody
as if she does not want to go to school

I found out why when Dad fixed as mask for her

Although it looked cute but seriously, the prices of
these masks have either gone up or sold out
(according to Wife and Internet) but I am very
doubtful of its effectiveness.

But personally, I am not sure about the masks such as the N95 (Not Nokia) which I forgot I have read somewhere, only filters 0.3µm whereas the virus is 0.1µm.

Making a meal out of oats

Since I am still a bit early, I decided to go for
a warm breakfast. Again, the same oats and
the soup mixture but this time, I found some
of last night's dinner........ ha ha ha ha ha ha!