Pentium II

Do you recognise this? Its a Pentium II processor. Back in the 90's, it was THE processor after the Pentiums and the 480DXes. It was so "special" that they made a hoo-haa over it. And not only that, PC motherboards must have special sockets/connectors for this chip.

More than five years later, its obsolete.

And so here is it, lying on a junk heap, waiting to be scrapped.........

This was the first sight I saw. At first, I thought it was
some fancy heatsink. And when it turned it over.......

Its a Pentium II!

But I was more interested in the heatsink design
One day, when I get bored, I might open it up, to
see what it looks like, inside the housing.

But I know, I wont be seeing the chip exactly like
what the hologram sticker shows. Because its all
covered in ceramic/resin back goop in there.

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