H4 LED Ring

This is the reason why I delayed installing the new Philips Headlamps. Yeah, I gave in to my Ah Beng side and bought this pair for RM50.00. Its a very simple installation where all you need are:

1) Heat resistant double-sided tapes
2) A blade
3) Electrical insulation tape
4) Brains (In case you do not know what you're doing)

But I am not going to install it now because I am quite busy with work. Really. But looking closer at it, I can actually do one better or even copy it but not at the moment because I am going through the 'Why didn't I think of this sooner?' phase. Because to do one, its expensive but after what I have gone through with the PCB company, its actually possible and I could come up with about maybe, 20 pairs. Maybe I should do one that flashes or glows on and off, or even go round like a roulette. Ha ha ha.

The LEDs come with a few choice colours such as
Red, Blue, White, Warm White, Bluish White,
Green and, other colours which I did not ask. I
mean, I needed this colour just to light things up
and not getting stopped by the Police.