Is it the Weather?

Maybe its coincidental but for the past few days, its very tiring for me. With Kristine waking us up, and also in the mornings since my Wife started work again, I had to make sure Kristine is cared for since this was also the time she needs to be fed.

My job entails going to customers sites to service, install ot even relocate PBX systems. This means I have to carry and move a lot of stock, tools and even a ladder in my Satria. Moreover, with the Chinese New Year over, there are a lot of jobs from our customers. Since I am the only person to handle all this, naturally, I am quite tired. Both mentally and physically. (That is why some of you complained my bogs have no sense of weird humour anymore). At one time, I even had to stay up until 11PM to complete a wiring job, where in the end, I was so tired, I began to see double and also having a slight heavy head. With the Haze (ref title above) goind around, its hot, humid and unbearable. So, at the end of the day, I ended up dehydrated and mentally gone.

Today was the worst because my mind went blank. Yep, for the first time, I cannot think of any solution. Calling my colleague was of no help either.

The Signs I
How did I know? Because I was quite fast on the fingers on phone programming, so, when I thought of a solution, my mind instantly knows the programs and then by reflex, my fingers would key in the commands. So,today, it took me almost 30 seconds to think of a solution and my fingers are keying in the same command over and over again. And I was standing there, as if I was a third person looking at the fingers moving about the keypad.

The Signs II
The second sign was when I tried to call my colleague fo rhelp, using one of the extensions which has been restricted from calling Mobile Phones. I was trying to call and call, despite the engaged tone (which means it is barred). So, I kept on unlocking it over and over again, to no avail until I looked back at the floor plan only to realise I have been programming the wrong extension. And then when I got through, due to the bad reception and high background noise on his phone, I had to repeat myself repeatedly. I could not hear much of his replies as my mind kept shutting off, except "Don't tell me this now...". That's when I lost it.

Unable to contain my panic, I called another colleague, told him I need a break and maybe get away from the job. If I come in on Monday, then I come in. If not, then lets forget it. So, after finishing with the customer, I switched off my mobile phone, went home and slept for a long long time.

And I am having my brunch now. No, not the cake but leftover lunch from this afternoon

Oh no! More cakes! I can't take this anymore! Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!