AlanTam's Bak Gua

By the time Kristine and Kaelynn has fallen asleep, it was time to come out for TT (Teh Tarik) with none other than AlanTam. This year, he has started to make Bak Guas again. And his Father-in-Law lost quite a lot of weight as he kept doing them for 24 hours straight.

One good thing about his Bak Guas is that they're delicious. Although I was supposed to be there for just a few minutes, I ended up being there for more than an hour. Why?

Well, there were some joke about a certain Shark, his pills and a sleeping wife.

Let's see, two chicken and two pork packets
Wahoo! Bak Gua with rice, ice cream, sardine, tuna, bread,
durian, porridge, mashed potatoes, etc. Bwahahahahahahha!

AlanTam recommended that I cut them into little pieces
and then mix them into Kristine's rice. For the first time,
she ate them all up. But that was the First and only Time
because now, she wants the bak guas by their own

Kristine and Kaelynn's First Haircut

By a hairdresser, la. All of us, except myself (I was banned) have cut Kristine's hair but with a lot of different results. So, its time for the Professionals to take over.

It was already late in the evening that we decided to go to the hairdresser's nearby and by now, most of them have closed. Except for one.

So, we went in. They were already closing but seeing the two cute girls, she relented and gave us the time. It was quite fast too. I was happily taking photos and they did not mind one bit. But poor Kristine does not seem to be too happy with her hair being cut by a stranger.

Still, she decided to sit still and let the lady do the work instead of crying and shaking her head. And when it came to Kaelynn's turn, she was happy to let her hair cut (how I wished it was the same when I trim her fingernails)

Kristine sitting very still and this time, no tears.

Yeah, she was very worried. She kept clinging to both our clothes
and wouldn't let go until she was finished

Then came Kaelynn's turn

All for RM10! (But I preferred the ChinaDoll cut)

And after all the excitement, in less than 10 minutes, my princess was fast asleep

After all that excitement, buy the time we came home, upon a closer look, I was a bit disappointed that she cut Kristine's hair too short and also the curve at the upper corner made her look too feminine. Wife complained that the comb used was broken and there lots of "stuff" at the teeth. Oh well, time to look for a new shop soon.

Full Stim ahead!

Our office's Broadband link is up again. And all because we forgot our login password. Everyone assumed its the "normal" password but it was otherwise. Still, it took us months to get Terrokom to tell us that.

So, the party concerned kept quiet. And I just let it be.

But for the whole morning, I was busy updating our firewalls, anti-viruses and adware filters. Yeah, sounds like I am doing some professionsl expert job but its just a matter of download this and that, then click to open.

I wonder if I could return to the same life when I was connected............

What an insult!

We were having some guests over and suddenly, our neighbour from across the road rang our doorbell. Apprently, they "complained" (with smiles) that they had no luck renting our some of their houses. A few times prospective customers came and complained asking if we're doing business in our house or there were some empty bottles lying around. So, they're asking us to do them a favour by cleaning up our stuff......

When I came back and told my family, there was a lot of noise and everyone felt pissed off. This was because we have just moved in and were still cleaning up our stuff. But we all knew their main message was:

"Clean up the fucking house and obey our wishes, you shits!!!"

We all knew that there is a lot of stuff and its still really in a mess. But what my Dad felt was, that technically, the house belongs to us and they have no right to tell us what to do. And while attending to my kids, snippets from the conversation mentioned that my Mom refused to get this house apparently because the neighbour's wife's relatives who were incompetent lawyers, putting up too much hassle even though we had the financial backing. Only when my Mom threatened (over the phone in the background) not to get the house did they (or rather, she) relented. And all their 5 other houses, which their Dad bought for her other brothers and sisters to live in, failed to retain any occupants as the clients are out moving one by one. I guessed there was no Brotherly or Sisterly love among them too.

There were some times that they did ask us to contribute to other matters which we agreed as we wanted the neighbourhood to be nice. But I think its going to stop here.

But what really pissed us off was the fact that they put the blame on us for not getting any "customers" for their houses when in fact, it might not be our fault entirely. As I looked at the house next to us which they had problems renting out, the grass was uncut, which might be the actual case of killing the deal. So I guessed that our sale money went to their wedding so that they can legally bonk each other.

So, we cleared up a bit and while our guests volunteered to help us out, it created a lot of unhappiness to the neighbour across the street. When one of our guests complained loudly about the neighbour, I guessed other neighbours must have heard it too.

Yes, it is still in a mess which we can only clean up in the weekends
due to work schedules.

And the garden. Haih. Looked like some unsuccessful weed
transplant in progress.

Would you want to rent/buy a house which looked like this?
The car is theirs as they like to park over there.

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