More lighters

OK, so I went and bought more. Ha ha ha ha. But letting the gas go with the tape just like that is a waste. So, I am going to let my colleagues use them. Then I can kill two birds with one stone: they die faster, I get my empty lighter back. Bwahahahhaa!

I forgot to mention, the liquid gas inside comes
coloured. If you bought a blue one, the gas is
blue and so on.

Here is a short video why I liked them so much

Enterprise NX-01 D

There are definitely a lot of clear parts in there
And maybe, I might not need to use them all
since I have not decided on how I am going to
light it up

Some not clear parts. Ha ha ah a

The warp nacelle detail and also the Bussard Collector
Notice the outer 6 holes which is just right for the 3mm

Clear domes for the top and bottom saucer

So, this is a just a brief look-see to see if the parts are damaged or not. In the meantime, it will go into storage until my other projects are finished. But I am already working on the electronics for this.

Enterprise NX-01 C

The saucer detail is quite nice but this time,
I will not be doing any painting since the
painting scheme is so complex unlike the
Enterprise 1701A. And even getting the
masking template is expensive too

Most of the holes which have lights, are actually
moulded to let you fit in LEDs and other lighting
as it was designed by Polar Lights to be. But they
are no longer producing this kit anymore and
not only that, I think they have ceased to exist

Inside the saucer, there is a lot of space

I definitely have to do something about the Photon
torpedo tubes

Enterprise NX-01 B

Finally, I got the chance to open the box this morning and I guessed as much. It is crammed with a lot of parts. Since I do not have the time to open everything, etc. I am just going to have a brief look.

The saucer is huge

Fully laid out, there are a lot of parts, just
like those huge Master Grade Gundam
kits. But for now, this is what I want

This is the top saucer detail

I might have a small problem in this area when
lighting it up because the small itty bitty thing
at the top of the square is the spotlight, which
is too small to insert any LEDs at all
So, I might have to cheat a bit...

Enterprise NX-01 A

As I was watching the Postman delivering letters to my staff on the CCTV, I was not aware of what happened there. Apparently, there was a package for me but since it was so big, the postman gave a delivery card to her telling her to go collect it herself. And when I looked at the card, the collection can only be done on 5th April, which is tomorrow. So, seeing that there is an address stamped on the card, I decided to drop by.

Fortunately, the address was for the Post Office inside the Kepong Jaya Jusco, which is just literally across our office. When I approached the counter, I was told that since today was the 4th of April, the package has not arrived yet and if I still want to collect it, I would have to go to Jinjang, which is about 5km away.

So, on I go to that far-away Jinjang place (I would not tell you the History about this place yet) and only to be told that this was the wrong Post Office after waiting in queue for quite a bit. So, on I go, back across the road to the parcel center. And when I got it, I knew what is was.

Still, I was a bit disappointed and also elated. The box was a bit too small, compared to the 1/350 scale Enterprise-A and it was dented. Still I was happy that I got THE PACKAGE. Ha ha ha ha

This is what I got

And when I looked at it...........

I realised the dent is not too severe

I just hope that there not too many parts,
no thanks to the Postmen


Sometimes, I just could not help wondering what went through their minds when these people want to have some "gaya" (Style) on their cars. Take this one, for example. The Proton Waja is, I think, a Campro edition. And it uses a SOHC (Single Over-Head Cam) Engine, not a DOHC. Not only that, there are no Nissan parts for the Waja.

Unless the owner actually wanted a Nissan but could not afford to purchase one since the very much "protected" Proton cars are cheaper.

OK, it does look nice with the NISMO URL link and all

But this one, I really have to laugh out loud
How high are the cams? And on a closer look,
I think the rims are not matching

I love these mini shark-fins, though