04052016 I can't kick no one no more..

On the third day, I was wondering why my left toes stung and felt very sensitive. For every step that I took, I felt is if the soft socks were like those scrubbing sponges, chafing the skin.

And so, when I looked down, the sight was a little shocking as the skin has turned brownish. They were tender to the touch as well. So, this must be the burnt area from Sunday's Fireball. I'll have to apply some more antiseptic cream. The weird thing was that I felt no pain in betwen these two days. Maybe now its healing....

Yep, toes #2 to #4 are.. toasted

04052016 The Last Minute StupidityThank goodnes

One thing I love to do is to be lazy. I would delay and laze around until the deadline jumps from it's corner and is about to eat me alive. Sometimes I get my ass chewed and sometimes, I survived.

But the main thing was, I realised, that my brain sort of went into higher gear and got more stuff done. And sometimes, I get new ideas on how to solve a particular problem in a flash. But more often than not, it all boiled down to luck.

Just like tonight where when I came home, the stench of the drying floor mat pereated the room. It was so bad, I thought some rat came in and took a piss. Eventually,I traced the stench to the floor mat which I accidentally soaked while I was cleaning the bathroom last Sunday.

I've calculated five floor mats (and missed one) and realised that cleaning floor mats is not going to be fun, moreso on a work night. So, I took a risk and threw them all into the washing machine. And with a last minute stupidity (I seem to have them by the truckloads nowadays) I somehow thought that it was great idea to wash my shoes at the same time too...

Thank goodness everything survived the washing machine. So, for luck, I gave it another dry spin..