The lamp

This was what we got from, the other day while we were at that 2020 Furniture Mall in Puchong. I wanted to try that 'famous' electrical shop called Top Ten. Unfortunately, by the time we finished our business, it was too late. They were closing the shop.

So, I went down further the street and saw another shop which was still open. Not wanting to leave Puchong without a gate lamp, I was adamant to get one. Because if we were to leave this for later, it would be months or years before we actually bought it. In the end, for RM128 or so, I got the lamp plus two Philips fluorescent bulbs.

And so, tonight, I am going to set it up. Yes, its a DIY kit.

During the purchase, the shop owner opened up the box for us to check. This was the second box because the first one was a part missing. Well, he looks quite honest because I have no idea what the missing part was.

And there you have it, Ladies and Gentlemen, the... Lamp.

Even without any instruction sheet, I guess setting it up was a no brainer. Then I realised that this is a really tacky way to secure the glass panes. They slide into the metal interior and held only with a pair of soft metal 'things'.

Took me some precious minutes to figure out what this metal tube was for...

OK, this is easy but as I said, when doing this DIY, you can really see what you got for what you paid for.

Looking at the pre-drilled holes, This is capable of putting in 5 bulbs. But of course, you can position the bulbs anywhere you like. I am going to put two diagonally because putting one in the middle is nice but well, that's just me.

Maybe, just maybe, two bulbs might be a bit overkill. Perhaps I can experiment with some tracing papers one day.

Wiring is easy but the Earthing is a bit unusual. Its just a screw-on to the metal casing of the lamp But hey, at least it has earthing.

All done and in less than half an hour. Can't wait to install it onto the gates soon...