Dinner at Jaya One

I am so happy today. Wife said we could go to Digital Mall and also to JayaOne for dinner. This was because she needed a thumbdrive. But its not easy because most of the (or rather, all) thumbdrives on the market now does not support Windows 98. As for me, I can go there to search for the wireless mouse. This is because I wanted another wireless mouse which had a smaller USB transceiver. The one that I had is jutting out of the Notebook's USB port by one inch. One little accident is all it takes to wreck both the transceiver and the port. Also, I wanted to get one for my Dad too as the "free" mouse does a lot of funny things with the icon on slightly marked surfaces.

Some ants trying to drum up support to get
huge favours and popularity from the Queen.

Overheard Kristine talking to Mommy, "When
can you buy me these headphones because
Dad and Grandpa's snoring make me scared."

The collapsed Jaya as seen from the First Floor
Male toilet. So sad to see it end this way.

And so, after much searching and also avoiding pamplet infections at the escalators, she got what she wanted and now, I know what I needed to do: I will order the wireless mouse from the Internet. This is because for almost the same price, I would have the same mouse but with the additional side "Forwards and Backwards" buttons. But I am also glad that the E-Blue "ARCO" mouse, which was retailing for RM128.00 in Centrepoint is now RM95.00 here. So, maybe in the next few months, I might get it here since the price in the Internet is about there. Oh, here is the shot of the ARCO mouse.The Microsoft ARC is nice too but for RM200.00, its still too expensive. Its a matter of time before some smart aleck decides to cleverly avoid Microsoft's Intellectual Properties.
Japan's E-Blue's ARCO - Wireless mouse. You can have
it in Black, White or Blue. I like the White above.

Microsoft's Arc - Wireless mouse. Image from here.

And so, onwards to JayaOne. This is a nice place, apart form the college, which I think, was designed as the place for food in PJ's Section 14 to 19. Think of it as a Wai Sek Kai for all walks of life.

Wife thinks its a good idea to clamp
those park indiscrimately. Personally,
I prefer to just smash the windscreen
and puncture the tires. The lots are
reserved for a reason.

Some college sculpture which I hope no one
thinks its special. Its not. Its just a 1:1 plaster
scale of a cacat Predator head with some very
questionable dermal infection and unkempt

But to some untrained eye, its a huge white scary
monster block.

For the next part, which is dinner at a Thai Restaurant, there will not be too much details as Wife has thrown away the receipt. So, in other words, we had dinner at Something Restaurant. I was waiting for the receipt from her but she threw it away. So, there's nothing to jolt my memory and there's nothing much to say. Potong stim already la.

Kristine and Kaelynn amused themselves with our
phones while waiting for the food to arrive. Their
fresh orange are real freshly squeezed oranges and
with a lot of sugar. No wonder they loved it before
we watered it down with plain water. Mine is the
mango smoothie which is from real mango. Wow.

Pineapple fried rice and green curry. Yes, its green and
its delicious! I am not sure how to describe it but its nice.

Paper prawn

Nice Ambience

Forgot the name already.
Its something like belacan

Steamed Salmon thingy. Lets just call it otak-otak.
Its delicious but by this time, we're stuffed and so,
did a take-away.



Got it free at the Mooncake stall.
I was looking at the Mooncakes,
hoping to find a Durian version
and these ladies gave the toys
to the girls. We're surprised.

Side dishes

This is what happens when you turn a freshly
made pizza on its side. Well, actually, no. The
toppings had nothing to anchor to the base.

OK, OK. You can call it unbalanced food

Quality Inspection of REV-6

Dear Sir,

RE: Inspection of REV-6 by Nerfficers Kristine and Kaelynn Chow

On the 26th day of the ninth month of our two thousand and ninth glorious victory of The NERF Empire, Nerfficers designation Kristine and Kaelynn has been assigned to inspect the REV-6 in the performance area of non fatal crowd control. Their findings of the weapon in question has been summarised as follows:

"Wow. Cannot pull la."
Tests have proven that only authorised personnel are able to discharge the weapons but they must be prepared to have a very determined will of enforcement.

"Daddy! I cannot pull!"
After multiple tests of non-authorised loading, it is now proven that the REV-6's built-in security feature is working. Unfortunately, it is still inadequate as it has been recently discovered that the number of very unauthorised and determined person/s has been growing unchecked.

"Wah. Daddy! Help!"
In real life simulation of crowd control suppression, its has been discovered that should a person/s lack the determined will of enforcement, the REV-6 will not discharge efficiently despite having the 6-shot chamber superiority. Moreover, there is also a matter of immediate concern where in the event insufficient ammunition, the REV-6 has been known to function as an impulsive cranium fragmentation impaction tool.

One serious setback of the REV-6 is the reloading of rounds into all its chambers on the field. The "swing-out" feature of the said reloading chamber is insufficient as it only allows single round reloads at any one time. It has been pointed out that many Officers on the Field has performed unofficial modifications to the REV-6 ammunition chamber to allow for a greater degree of opening angle which greatly reduces the "reloading fatality" time.

As both Nerfficers discovered that the REV-6 has serious security flaw, it has been recommended to have the REV-6 shipped to Master Nerfsmith Nexus for further analysis.

Hail to The Glorious NERF Emperor

Notice of upgraded anti-bromhidrosis device

In the even of the discovery of bromhidrosis, it is advised to procure the necessary device to suppress and/or contain the the subject. Failure to perform as such would result in mass disorder as the bromhidrosis effect is highly contagious to the point of the infected person/s being subjected forceful imprisonment or involuntary social isolation.

The recommended device is show below. Alternatives devices from independent approved manufacturers are acceptable. You are now brought to attention regarding the new bromhidrosis eliminator device as shown below (Fig. 1). The manufacturer for the device has updated the design to version 2.0. The new design is to have additional function in assisting and to improve the pleasure quota for both male and female operators.

Fig.1: Observe the differences between
version 1.3 located on the left
and version 2.0 on the right.

Fig.2: Note the content and volume of both devices are
similar. Version 2.0 has additional security features
in the form of encrypted text to prevent proper use

Fig.3: Note also the new ribbed design and content
dispersal unit. Application of proper water-based
lubricant is crucial in the incident free action
of inserting of such device in a non bromhidrosis
related activity especially in tight cavities.

Fig.4: Designers have been notified in the event of
possible non bromhidrosis related activity and thus
the new dispersal exercise unit redesign has
incorporated manual override applicator units to
prevent involuntary and/or unauthorised discharge
of anti-bromhidrosis particles in non bromhidrosis
affected areas. Serious discipline action would
be enforced if such discharge was located in the
region of exposed biological reproductive units.

Fig.5: Due to differences in air pressure and temperature
where the unit is to be used, the initial discharge of
the anti- bromhidrosis particles will create an
ice frost effect. Users are cautioned not to be alarmed
at such discharge as it can be effectively removed via
moisture absorbing fibrous material. Users are also
strongly advised against using biological oral muscles
from removing the discharge as this would severely affect
the papillae regions from Fungiform to the Circumvallate.
The effect could be semi-permanent and could seriously
affect the performance of testing for biological waste.