The trip up NorthEast

The day after I recovered from my food poisoning, I had to go outstation. This time, I was to Kuantan. And not only that, the service calls from yesterday had backlogged to next week. Oh, Dear.

Anyway, the trip there is quite long and with an inaccurate speedo, it took me more than four hours to reach my destination. And by the time I had completed my tasks, it was about nearly eight in the evening. Rather than risk an overnight stay, I decided to drive back and stop by any R&R for dinner on the way. Big mistake as there weren't much food. By the time I came back, it was midnight again. And dinner was neing left out again........Sigh.

I wanted to have dinner in town but halfway out, most of the
area had no electricity. There were slight chaos on the road
but no naked people running about. And the shopping centre
closed because of that although Parkson Grand at the Basement
floor had partial electricity. Wasted my Rm1.50 parking fees

Then when I was about to reach the highway, there was a
funfair and I decided to take some crappy night shots

Nope, at quarter past eight, there were not much customer about

And trust me, I was not speeding, no sir!

The perils of working late

OK, fine. So sometimes I enjoy working late. So, sometimes, I will drive home and wallop the dinner kept for me. Yeah, right. I am lying. You can tell that even without using a lie-detector.

The thing was, now the company car has been changed. I am now driving the Kenari (Until the van is ready) again while the clerk drives a Hyundai Elantra (minus the Car Hi-HI, ha ha hah). So, after changing the car in KK (where my Boss nearly ran down and scared the shit out of my wife and kids by taking an illegal shortcut) we went to another customer (in the evening) for a site inspection. It was not completed until late at night because we need to go back to the office for further discussion.

Once that was out of the way, by the time I came back, it was way past midnight. And I was hungry since the only meal I had was about three in the afternoon. And as soon as I saw the left-overs (OK, so wife was a bit annoyed), I ate and ate and ate.

Yum-yum. The rice is cold.
Yum-yum. The nasi lemak tasted odd
Yum-yum. The Indian food I packed tasted out of this World

The next morning, after my fifth trip to the toilet, I was dizzy and cold. And I had to sleep/coma until three in the afternoon. Yup, shit happened. I got food poisoning and I lost kilos of bio-waste which miraculously multiplied inside my body overnight.

What time did I leave that night?

Federal Highway Upgrades

The Federal Highway, I think, was the first ever highway in Malaysia (that I could ever remember). It connects between Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur. And I have been using it ever since I discovered that I could drive (legally) and there is a World out there outside the gates. Anyway, the Federal Highway is the most busiest road and it has its own characteristics:

1: When it rains, even a few drops, traffic will slow down
2: When there is an accident or people stopping their cars, curious people will cause a traffic jam
3: If you are stuck in a jam, the jam will move, albeit slowly
4: There is a certain stretch where accidents happen quite frequently.

So, the authorities have tried by using metal fencing. This did help in reducing roadkills but not on cars. And lately, for the past few months, they have now upgraded the metal fending to concrete blocks. At first, I thought it was just for temporary measure, until they start to cement the blocks together......

This was the stretch I was in, when taking the photos,
(from Right to Left, la)

Why do they want to do this? Because this stretch is prone to accidents
The first upgrade using metal fencing did not help. So......

Now they use concrete blocks. Ha ha ha ha!

And when you're at the top of the flyover, do be careful because there
is a small drain where, if you drive too closely, your tires might get
caught and you'll find your car running up against the concrete walls