Doing the Dew

OK, so I bought myself some lunch at the 7-11 since most of my friends here were very busy. Then again, I am used to eating alone. However, the problem now is, although I have a job to do, I still have time to relax and not rushing like I always did for the past 15 years or so. But its weird to go and eat a full-course or complete meal instead of the usual bread and soft drink.

Incidentally, I am having one now, not for old time's sake but its that I do not know what else to eat. The irony is, I am standing in front of a economy rice stall while eating the bread and doing the Dew

The Dew costs me about RM2.50 and yes, I wanted
to shout its name minus the Monutain word

Its a new bread recipe and someone had the bright idea
of feeding 9 little Mexicans at once for RM2.30

Damansara Uptown's hidden Paradise

As I crawled and managed my way through a new route, I came across a new path that has never existed before. And as I climb the way up, I was filled with a sense of excitement for I thought, all my journey to this area, I have seen it all. But I was wrong. Escaping the ever watchful eyes of the natives, I crept slowly until I found the secret oasis.....

Behold! An oasis of wonders, surrounded and kept
hidden by walls of the urban jungle. However, I did
not see any living thing, which is a sure sign that the
water could be poisoned. So I have to be very careful
where I tread....

A very mysterious construction here, which I believed
was built by the natives long ago to appease the Gods
of Fast Food Counters. Or if could just be a communal
bath for midgets at night.

And just beyond the unpassable bush, I can see a beautiful
landing. Either that or its the sacrificial stage for the mighty
God of Fishie Wishie.

Climbing higher, there is a wonderful waterfall which
you can witness the angry storm of powerful gushes
which trickles onto the sharp and dangerous cement
pebbles of Death. And when you pass through the 5
steps of passion, you will be rewarded with a secluded
spot where you can huggie wuggie with your pally.
That is, provided no one looks out of the urban prison.

But in reality, this is the best spot in the whole oasis
as it offers the best view regardless of the day. And
if you eat a lot of carrots, you can see a lot more.

Moving closer, you can see a ledge which allows the
brave to be closer to nature. Or a become an instant
Titanic fan, reenacting that famous scene.