She is getting bigger

Kristine broke the zipper and was trying very hard
to put it back again...............

Kristine and Kaelynn. I think Kaelynn is going to
be quite tall when she grows up.

The Playmates Tricorder VII

Today was the only time I was free to go anywhere. We did not go anywhere else because my Wife sprained her right ankle yesterday while rushing to Kaelynn who was crying. I drove her to UM (University Hospital) for treatment after dinner (and we got back at 0100 in the morning!!!) But today, her leg was already better.

So, for the rest of the Saturday afternoon, I was in Pasar Road buying more components for the Tricorder, mainly the reed switch. And they're not cheap either at RM6.50 for a glass tube with two pieces of metal inside it. Not to mention, its fragile. I bought two, found one more at home and in the early hours of the morning, I broke two. Dammit. (Should have gone to sleep)

Also, I learnt the hard way that hot melt glues have very high temperature and it is not advisable to touch it until is has cooled off.

I bought a lot more components as I was also thinking
about making another Tricorder, which was of my own
design. Its amazing how your brain goes into high gear
when there is a deadline. But I don't think I will do the
custom Tricorder for the November 4th Bazaar
(OK, so I left the damn thing at the office and kept forgetting
to bring it back)

Yeap, blister on me finger due to the hot-melt glue

Kristine's first Tricycle

My parents got her a Tricycle and she was overjoyed with it
Eventhough she does not know how to ride one, her legs were
long enough to paddle about.
We wanted to get her an actual bicycle but my parents beat us to it with a Tricycle
I am a bit wary because of its three wheels compared to one bicycle with training
wheels, the Tricycle is easy to topple when cornering

And wherever she goes, Winne goes with her
Even when going through my toes

Fun before bedtime

Kristine found a piece of cloth and wears it like
a sarong, a cape and even for peek-a-boo

While Kaelynn smiles for the camera

The Poo-poo before Dinner

Never poo-poo before dinner because.......

Daddy will clean you up, and make you wear the
bib over your towel

The Playmates Tricorder VI

I went to the laser-cutting shop today and found out that there was a problem: Their laser-cutter was not working. We discussed on the design and he will try to cut it, (with the right measurements) once the machine is up and ready. And he will discuss the price with me later.

Ouch. I just hope its all in time before November 4th. Anyway, they also had a vinyl cutter which he claims, uses some file format from CorelDraw, which I have absolutely no idea. I'll just have to save the design in all the available formats by Sketchup and give it to him to try the next time I come to collect the acrylic piece.

Once good thing about them is that you can send the design via E-Mail or use your thumbdrive to discuss stuff with them. Its also good to brincg your Notebook as well for any last minute changes but I think that would not be necessary as I wll try to convince them to use the free Google Sktechup software.

Anyhoo.... this is a vinyl sticker design for the front of the Tricorder which you can just stick it and hope it will cover up all the accidental cuts or wrong holes. Ha ha ha ha

This is how the front would look when I am finished and
also how the laser-cut sensor piece would fit (top left)

The Playmates Tricorder V

Today is the second (and last) day of the Hari Raya Holidays for me. So, what better time than to spend it (at the wrath of my Wife) doing the Tricorder. I have gutted all the innards and test fit the electronics.

Next, I am going to see if I can divert some of the power to the lower flap rather than put another battery there. I have learnt my lesson last time: The Tricorder was put on KIV box where the reed switch was a bit faulty which cause battery to drain itself lighting the LEDs. In the end, the liquid from the battery leaked out and cause a lot of mess on the electronics (OK, LEDs) and also the stickers. This will mean another trip to Pasar Road and also to the computer shop to look for a suitable inkjet paper (either waterproof photopaper or those semi-transparent types)

Anyhow, lets see how much I can do before the November 4th Bazaar. I am still worried about how to recreate the stickers and also to have the sensor laser cut before the deadline. Otherwise, I'll have to go for a low-tech (bluff) solution. And not only that, because Kristine wrecked Mommy's glasses, I do not have much budget left. The 6volt batteries are going to put a big hole in my pocket, I am sure.

Cutting the innards with my precious RM8.900 sharp cutter
and destroying it in the process. Sometimes, I wished I had a
Dremel tool as my hands are now aching, which is a bad sign
as it could lead to a sprain or gout attack. Damn!

Oh yeah, you can also see the mistakes I made in them holes

Kristine the Chef

Kristine helping Grandma cooking some omelettes

Salamate Hairy Rayer

So, today is Hari Raya. Big Deal. This is the time for us to take a real break and send the two girls to visit their Granny and also their cousins.

This was the very same pony Kristine rode early this year
One look at how her cousin did it, she got on without any
hesitation. I pity the pony. Really

After half an hour of pony-ing, this is the result

Next, is the bicycle riding lesson. Unfortunately, Kristine
is still not qualified as.........

She tried to take over the teacher

After another round of pony-ing, it was time for
Kristine to take her bath as she was really
sweating. Phew! What a workout!

And here she is, with another workout; the swivelling chair

And finally, after we managed to get her
dressed, it was time for........

Another lesson! How to recognise animals and things and stuff
Kristine was quick to pick up since she had two teachers

Another round of pony-ing, I think this time, her battery
is running low. Ha ha ha ha ha

And sister Kaelynn is enjoying all the activities going on
around her as well. Here, she is practicing her Kung-Fu

And you'd think that after all the activities, Kristine and
Kaelynn would be tired.

Wrong. When they both reached home, they started a crying
competition which lasted for more than half an hour. Ouch

Close your eyes!

Everytime, after I had washed Kristine's hair, I had to rinse the shampoo off. If it was my Wife or Mom, they would hold her face up so that the water would not go into her face. But for me, because she is moving/shouting/jumping/laughing about, I just poured the wated on top of her, just after telling her to close her eyes (which she briefly did) and also shielded her eyes at the same time.

But now, she decided to try it on her own

Which of course, the result was much worse. But
which is good as this means she is slowly learning
to do things on her own

Picking up Bad habits

Oh-oh, Kristine has picked up one of my bad habits. I swear, I tried not to do it in front of her.

Her effort was a 2mm whitish/grey booger which she flicked
with her finger, to some place in the bathroom.
Now, we have to watch where we sit, stand, lean, etc.

The Playmates Tricorder IV

So, today I took apart the Playmates Tricorder. And despite having 24hours in a day, I only managed to spend 21 minutes on this thing. Yeah. Go figure.

I will need to remove the battery compartment, cut away (OK, I do not have a Dremel) unescessary plastics as stated in the manual.

This is the easy part; removing all the electronics.
You cannot throw them all away as you will need them for the sound.

Kaelynn's Bath

After looking at Kaelynn real close, I think she is going to grow up bigger than Kristine. Really

The Playmates Tricorder III

OK, I have fine tuned the parts a bit. The actual prop would have about 9 slices for the sensor and I think, each one is about 1.5mm thick. However, if I were to follow this, the size of the sensor would be still be 13.5mm long. Give the wastage of about 0.5mm (blade thickness) we could be looking approxaimately at a 13.0mm by 1.1mm square hole from the toy, which is close enough.

If only I did not lose this part along with the stickers.

Anyway, I decided to redo them using 1.5mm acrylics and have them laser-cut. There will be nine pieces and an extra little strip for the 8 LEDs. I saw this on some of the actual props and decided to add them onto the frame. Hopefully, the laser-cutting guys can accomodate this design. The blank square on the bottom right is a bit wasteful but I have yet to find anything else to put into. I will try to build the kit following Gerry's manual and see if there are other things I can use for the blank area.

I called them today but no one is picking up the phone
Not surprising as most companies gave their staff the
day off since it is the eve of Hari Raya

The Playmates Tricorder II

After reading the manual again, I was so tempted to have the front sensor laser cut since I could not locate any 1/4" transparent discs. And I could not even find any acrylic tubes that small and also cheap nor any buttons for that matter.

I am so tempted to do this up before November 4th's Bazaar, missing sticker or no missing sticker.

Will they laser cutting guys do it for me?
Will they do it in time as well?

Pencil Makeover

I came across this poster last Thursday outside a hair salon in Tmn Maluri. They spotted me taking photos but I stood my ground and pretending to be taking photos of cars across the street. After they went in, I walked off as fast as I could because I knew they're calling for reinforcements. From the corner, I could see they were searching for me.

Anyway, I got away. Phew

Why was this poster interesting?
Why were they so "protective"?

Was this the reason? Ha ha ha ha ha

The problem with Kaelynn

For the past few weeks, we're up to our necks making sure the two sisters were well taken cared of. Frayed nerves and over the edge tempers flared, including climbing up the walls with everyone. Kristine's jealousy does not help either.

Why? Kaelynn cries and makes a lot of noise come nighttime. This carries on until the wee hours of the morning and sometimes, even four in the morning. And when she s realy in a bad mood (most of the time) we have hard time feeding her, bathing her and even calming her down, let alone making her sleep. Yeah, I am going nuts because of this and also, deeply, I know some of my friends are disappointed when I could not commit myself to help them with the electronics or projects. So, sorry la, guys. But I do whatever I could help if I can.

I cannot promise you a lot because when the time comes, due to family, I could be seen as breaking my promises. In the end, everyone feels bad.

But I hope to make it up to you next year after May when Kaelynn is not so troublesome (I hope)

This is one of the rarest pictures I could get.
Kaelynn sleeping peacefully at 1025 or so

For nexus III

OK, its done! Now, the only thing left is, a switch. Yeah, a switch.

I totally forgot about installing a switch.

How could I forget a switch?

Do you want a switch?

You want to go ON and ON and ON?

For nexus II

I have done up the circuit last night but I must atmid, its not my best work so far given the short time as I would prefer the circuit board to be a proper etched PCB (time consuming and expensive, Ha Ha Ha) instead of the stripboard (Cheap and fast). But its working and all it needs now are some ribbon cables, the LEDs and also the LED holders.

I have chosen the better of the two boxes given the space limitation. And yes, the box design made it look nicer and more functional, inside the helmet. However, if you need to adjust the timing, you would need to peel the box off as the screws as they are on the other side. OK, so I don't have a drill to make a nice hole in the box and put it a panel version of a variable resistor (maybe version two, perhaps?). And bear in mind, the 9v battery (Batteries not included. I always wanted to say this) holder would be on the outside. This is a new design that I came across and after testing it about, the battery would not come off so easy, unless you get whacked by Dart Vader.

Never underestimate the effectiveness of a stripboard!

This is also a good time to try out my new soldering iron!
When it is new, you need to let it stand for 10 minutes or so as it
needs to burn off some coating inside it. So, don't be afraid
smoke coming out. This is a RM28 25Watt soldering iron and

it even came with a cute little stand. But after some bargaining,
I got the iron and a spare bit for only RM30! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

This is much better than my RM6 soldering iron as my original
(just like pne above) was taken by my technician.
So, after
about a few minutes of use, the plastic starts to
melt and it
became too hot to hold. See the melted iron?
my original (and also above) Soldering Irons,
I can keep
them on for hours and still there is no problem.
lets see how this one develops

For nexus

OK, just managed to sneak to Pasar Road this afternoon today and got most of the parts. The only one I do not have is the LED holder. Anyway, after tweaking here and there, I managed to come up with the prototype. And it comes with an adjustable flashing rate so that you can adjust it to the speed you want. I only had enough money for two sets as required as the rest is for petrol. Ha ha ha ha

In the video, I will be switching on the circuit, let it run for a while, then adjust the timing to fast and then back to slow. The box for this project is on the left and the 9volt battery holder is on the right. Once this is done, I will then do the wiring and hopefully, get the LED holder for you soon.

Something's happening in TTDI

After a long day at The Curve, I decided to go home via the "shortcut" Highway through Taman Tun Dr. Ismail. And just after the thried traffic lights, I came across these people and there were five of them. Weird. Where did they come from?


They were waiting at the lights and my camera was too slow

I only got this shot after the girl on the right bent forward
Nearly created an accident, I tell you.
Someone please give me some money to buy a RM5,000 DSLR

Nice number plate?

Happened to see this when I was stuck in a jam on the way to Pasar Road

The Playmates Tricorder I

OK, so, while I was looking for one of my notes, I found these. Yes, they are the electronic upgrade kit I bought two years ago, in preparation for one of our Wedding portraits (which did not turn up well). And so, it still here, after all these years.

I bought this from a very nice person called Gerhad Mros because he was (and still is) the only person who does the electronics for the toy. What this upgrade kit does is to make the Playmates Star Trek:The Next Generation toy Tricorder light up just like what you see on the show.

Now, since I found them again, I am so tempted to re-start this project in time for the November 4th Movie and Collectibles Bazaar. Then again, I might not if there is not enough time for me since I am quite busy with my work for the until December.

Gerry was kind enough to solder all these for me as (at that time)
it was really getting close to my Wedding Portrait appointment
In the end, we just held the toy

Order this from Gerry (g m r o s @ c o g e c o . c a)(just remove the spaces) and you get everything
shown on the table (except the table). The manual is so detailed, you can't go wrong
with this project, unless you hate Tricorders or electronics.

Ooh-ooh! This is a short video of the LEDs lighting up
when I powered it from a power supply. I can't wait to
put this into the Tricorder, provided I can still find the
@#$% stickers for the Upgrade Kit

The Nike Watch

So, what. Its only three weeks or so that I have worn this watch. And this is its fourth time I forgot to take it off while I was washing my hands or having a shower. Its starting to show signs of stupidity (on my part, la)

There are scratches on the edges and the clasp as I keep scraping it against innocent things such as concrete walls, iron grills, phones, girls, etc. Then there is the problem with water. OK, so the watch is not waterproof. The LCD display is going nuts.

And so, ladies and gentlemen, instead of three months, I have started to wear down this watch in three weeks. Damn, there goes my RM39.00

Someone buy me a Suunto, please.

If you can't see it, its showing 25:51 or something like that

Pringles in the Go!

It was almost finishing time and the Kenari was almost out of fuel too. So, I stopped by Shell to pump some petrol and picked up a pack of Pringles. Yeah, I was so busy that I had forgottten to eat again. And this morning's breakfast was quite light

Anyway, this costs me RM1.90 and had about 36 slices. Yeah, I just love stuff that has onions and garlic, followed by cheese. However, it only lasted me about 3 minutes as I wolfed it down while on the Highway.

Maybe I should have taken those RM1.60 potato buns instead as it was much more filling.

Man, these things makes you want to drink more water

Here comes the Haze

Yes, not only that, I have a sorethroat, blocked nose and itchy eyes. And its a Monday as well.

The road from Jalan Damansara towards Jalan Kuching via Hartamas

Bathtime for Kaelynn and Kristine

So, this is how its going to be. Each babies take their turn for baths. Both of them are not old enough to take baths together (to save water). It all started when Kaelynn soiled her nappies with some nice biological waste...

Soon after, it was time for Kaelynn to take her bath

Which, after that was big sister Kristine's turn

Remember this smile. It is a smile of many mischiefs
to come

While Kristine was playing with the Bubbles, I decided to
pop out to take her towel

And seconds later, this little girl came running
into the room

And upon seeing the towel (which means end of bath session)
she ran back to the bathroom