The Playmates Tricorder I

OK, so, while I was looking for one of my notes, I found these. Yes, they are the electronic upgrade kit I bought two years ago, in preparation for one of our Wedding portraits (which did not turn up well). And so, it still here, after all these years.

I bought this from a very nice person called Gerhad Mros because he was (and still is) the only person who does the electronics for the toy. What this upgrade kit does is to make the Playmates Star Trek:The Next Generation toy Tricorder light up just like what you see on the show.

Now, since I found them again, I am so tempted to re-start this project in time for the November 4th Movie and Collectibles Bazaar. Then again, I might not if there is not enough time for me since I am quite busy with my work for the until December.

Gerry was kind enough to solder all these for me as (at that time)
it was really getting close to my Wedding Portrait appointment
In the end, we just held the toy

Order this from Gerry (g m r o s @ c o g e c o . c a)(just remove the spaces) and you get everything
shown on the table (except the table). The manual is so detailed, you can't go wrong
with this project, unless you hate Tricorders or electronics.

Ooh-ooh! This is a short video of the LEDs lighting up
when I powered it from a power supply. I can't wait to
put this into the Tricorder, provided I can still find the
@#$% stickers for the Upgrade Kit

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