Just another girly night

Tonight was a bit funny but everyone was in high spirits. Especially Kaelynn. She is starting to be as happy and (unfortunately) as wild as her elder sister.

Kaleynn's literal interpretation of David Cronenberg's
1991 Naked Lunch. OK, so it was a hot day anyway.

After bath, all by themselves, the girls kept to
their promise of sharing stickers as Mommy
only bought one book since I bought them a
lot last week. We keep telling ourselves that
this will be the last time we're buying them
stickers as they stick them almost in every
place unimaginable.

Oh, and her bed's so soaked with wee-wee days in
a row, I sent Kristine to sleep with Grandma (which
she gleefully agreed). There were no mattresses
left as both beds have been nicely signatured done
by the infamous I-wee-already-before-going-to-bed
serial bedwetter Kaelynn

We're done doing it

Finally, our own Technical office/room is complete! But because I was busy with a customer for days, I did not really have the time to sit down and appreciate everything except today. Still, it was nice to sit in a corner with the air-con blowing behind me and my Techs on my left. Not only that, we'll have a repair area on my immediate left and also a testing bench behind me.

Yes! (No, I am not trying to be sarcastic here)

Only problem is, I am not sure if we're going to have
a door or not. But then again, this would not make
any difference at the moment. See the big box on
the right of my chair? That's all my junk which I'll
have to sort come this Saturday or else it will
be one big pile of crap which blocks everyone.