Goodbye, Sandisk

It just "died" when I was uploading a lot of MP3s for today's trip up North when the Windows "hang"ed

After 2 hours it cannot be recovered, despite me trying. Haih. RM49 gone just like that.


Jason: Here's more stuff for you.
Me: Err......... its cassette tapes.
Jason: Yep. You got a player?
Me: Nope but I'll have to find one
Jason: OK, I think I have one, let me go get it..
[Minutes later]
Jason: Sorry, Bro. Its gone
Me: Never mind, I'll think of something
Jason: Well, if you can, convert it tp MP3 too...........

False sense of security

Tech: Boss, you locked you car?
Me: Yep. Why?
Tech: The alarms still on (Siren sounding)
Me: [Goes to the car door and pulls handle....] Oh-oh. Can open from outside ler
Tech: Oh-oh.
Me: Better go see my friend Ken at Powerpoint Section 17
Tech: Haiya........ you always go fix your car wun. Why not sell it off? So much problems.
Me: Shaddup!
Tech: Yes, Boss. Sorry Boss

Ken: That will be RM25.00 with 3 months warranty
Me: @#*&^% Pokai already
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The perks that comes with the job

What are you complaining about?
Didn't I promise you that you'll get a raise soon?

Signing on the dotted line

Jason: OK, this is what you get when you sign up. Bla.. Bla... Bla...
[Half an hour later]
Jason: Bla... Bla... Bla...

[In the background, Kristine was playing with Jason's son, his pet goldfish, turtles, electronic organ, was dancing, peeing, etc]

Me: [Zzzzz.......]
[Still much much later]

Jason: Bla... Bla... Bla...

Me: OK, where do we sign?
Jason: Bla... OK, let me get you some pens.
Me: I.. er...

[Then take out my new pen]

Wife: Wow. Your pen is heavy
Me: Yeah, I just got it today, very expensive summore
Wife: Sure of not? Your definition of expensive is off wun
Me: Yer la. Its expensive. Costs me RM89.00....
[She looks at me with those "What kind of fool waste money like that} look]
Me: ... but the lady see I so hensem, she sold it to me for RM13.00
Wife: But its so big la
Me: I like writing with big heavy pens. Makes me confident in my performance
Wife: ..................

Jason: [Comes back with two pens] OK, guys, sign here and here
.[Sign... sign... sign...]
.[Scribble... scribble.. scribble...]
.[Draw circles, etc.]
Jason: Welcome to the family! It'll be official by Tuesday.