Pre-Election SMS

OK, I want to empty my phone's SMS folder as these crap messages are taking too much of its space. These were sent on the week before the election which is a bit irritating. I am retyping them word for word and replying them in bold. (yeah, nothing else better to do)

04032008 19:03 by ThePost
Meet Dato Sri Effendi Nawawi at the Old devi's Corner tomorrow, 5th March 08 at 5.30pm
So? You're telling every egg-thrower to go there now....

04032008 19:07 by ThePost
An Evening with Yasmin Ahmad & Tony Fernandes at Bangsar Village 2, Thursday, 6th March 2008 at 4pm to 6pm
Are they having auditions for her new movie?

04032008 19:20 by TunPerak
YAB Dato' Sri Najib Tun Abd Razak akan datang ke Bangsar Village pasa Khamis, 6Mac 2008, jam 9.15 malam.
Yeah, right and spoil everyone's dinner there

04032008 20:17 by ThePost
Come&chat w the Econ Planning Minister, Dato'Sri Effendi tmrow,5/3,530pm,Old Devis Crner. Air yr views&questions,sparatefact&fiction.Exclusive 4 Lem.Pantai.
Why do I want to chat with this clown? Is he selling Insurance or Financial Planning services?

05032008 07:40 by SuaraRakyat
Mahathir Never Support Anwar. DON'T VOTE PKR!!
Mahathir Never Support me either.

05032008 11:48 by ThePost
Hi,Dato'Effendi Norwawi will b speaking today @ our Speakers Corner at 5.30pm at Old Devi's Corner. Do come with frens if you are free.Pls spread the word!Thnx.
If I spread the word, he might not come.

05032008 19:49 by TunPerak
YAB Dato'Sri Najib Tun Razak akan datang ke Bangsar Village pada Khamis, 6 Mac 08, jam 9.15 mlm.
Yes, yes, we and the whole World knows that by now.

06032008 13:22 by OurVoice
Nurul will resign if she win so that Anwar can take over. Anwar cannot be trusted. Please vote wisely !!
Hello. She is his daughter and he can bloody do what he wants, OK? Besides, she has great tits.

06032008 15:43 by Bangsarian
Bangsarian,lets not give PAS the right into Bangsar.Their no.1 agenda of an Islamic State is not welcome.We must make sure that only their flags get this close.
And let's not give BN the right too. Fair enough?

06032008 16:06 by TunPerak
YAB Dato' Sri Najib Tun Abd Razak akan datang ke Bangsar Village malam ini, Khamis, 6 Mac 2008, jam 9.15 malam.
Yes, yes, I know. I'll be avoiding that place and not just tonight. Satisfied?

07032008 13:28 by Shahrizat
Slm.lifes nvr prfct.Bt BN is gug 4 us Msians.No war.Stble n tolernt. govt.Grt ppl.Yes a dcent fture 4 us our prnts kids fmly frens.Srly tht mz mean smt.SHAHRIZAT
Well, I dunno, Shahrizat. I though you were well educated but your SMS shows otherwise. For your info, although I have made up my mind, your SMS killed you.

07032008 18:48 by OurVoice
Dont vote for a transitional candidate. Vote for the candidate that will fight for your struggles and aspirations!
You mean, vote for Superman?

07032008 19:16 by OurVoice
At the end of the day,we should choose someone who will fight for our aspirations&struggle,&not a candidate that will ride on our struggle for his aspirations.
I know, but Superman does not live in Malaysia

07032008 20:49 by OurVoice
Anwar,buying votes alrdy.@RM100 vote s only RM10 pyear s PKR s cntbtn.BN hs dvlpd d hol area 4 d laz 10yrs.Antr 5yrs,BN able 2 rfne dvlpmnt&imprvs mgt.VOTE BN!
I cnt evn undrstnd wht u'r sying! Pls tll me whre 2 collct the RM100

07032008 21:12 by OurVoice
He said ptrol prce ws stbl wen he ws Min. of Fnnce,bt nvr once does he acknwlddg tht glbl prce o oil nw s trple.He s msldg,Dont let Anwar insult our intelligence.
Look, no one has a crystal ball, OK? Did you ever acknowlege that your stupid SMS made people vote otherwise? You're the one who is insulting our intelligence.

Oh-oh, Houston we have a problem

After a few enquiries to my mail, and having looked at the latest prop pictures from Robiwon, I rushed back to the electronics shop to check on the LEDs. Sure enough, the ones I had found were too big. And the almost correct size, comes only in green as the red is gone.

I had the girl search the whole shop but to no avail. This is so sad for those who have high hopes placed on me. If you guys still want the LEDs, you might have to sand them down to the right size.

The smaller triangle is on the left and only comes in green. While
the original ones I saw (two on the right) comes in both colours
but were of the wrong measurement.

Rushing for work

Boss: Oi. You where?
Me: On the way to you la.
Boss: Where are you now?
Me: Just entering Duta exit to the highway
Boss: Oh, don't come. We're packing up
Me: Haiyo.

After rushing though the jam, reached home to get the torchlights for Will and rush out into the jam again, only to be told to turn back.

Preparing for the Haze

Well, I mean, its going to come, right? It happens every year and we go so used to it by now. In fact, it was stuffed down our throats whether we like it or not. I hate the Haze in many ways. But there is nothing I can do about it. I don't even have money to build a nuclear bomb and detonate it there.

But to be honest, I am looking for any excuse to get a mask. I have been trying to buy this since four years ago when I visited this customer. And maybe, in a few years time, I might actually have enough for an airbrush system or boxes of aerosol sprays paints. Anyway, now that I have it, I can throw away my RM3.90 paper mask that made me look like a dental victim ...........

Total cost is quite a bit but not as much as I would have thought

Now, if I can find some black hose, wear some armour, get some
orange/green tinted Oakley glasses and look pissed off........