Gutting the Power Force 5's Reverb

My head is spinning like crazy today as I had to do a lot of thinking for some pulse ammo counter. The reason is that most of the ICs I required were not available and so, it was a stupid exercise of buying the chip, then told it was not available, go home and redesign and repeat until I have the chips. But usually, by the time I got the chip I wanted, the other is not available and so, I have to repeat the who damn thing again. It is not their problem as these chips are very old and nowadays, they no longer in use, even in fatories as most of them are ASICs or just plain microprocessors.

I mean, who needs logic gates anymore?

Anyway, I needed to unwind my brain and so, I decided to take the Reverb apart. This was the toy I bought a few days ago and well, for that price, the design was well worth it. (It has to be because no one accepts refunds for change of taste). I had tot ake it apart to see if my plans for lighting it up works or not. Also, I wanted to remove the pair of bonnet cannons which, lately, was very very annoying because they tend to pop up on every accidental bump or bonnet lifts.

As I laying staring at it for minutes, hoping for some
inspiration to kick me in the butt to change the front,
it never came and so, I did the next best thing; I took
a photo of it so that I can remind Inspiration to do her
job the next time round.

The first thing you need to do is to remove the
chassis. All you have to do is to concentrate on
the 10 little screws.

And there you have it. When you open it up
yourself, just keep your temper in check that
you have been ripped off paying RM70.00
for a RM25.00 toy.

I have no idea why they want to put a flap
around the smoke visor. Then I reasoned to
myself that this is probably due to the cost
of making a proper cabin for the toy. And
yes, the windshield is transparent.

And here you go, the irritating twin cannons.
It need only three screws to secure it onto
the chassis while the body needed 10. Weird.

What you're seeing here is actually the cabin.
You can make your own cabin as this toy is
about 1/24th in scale. So, get two car seats
and you're in business. However, not many
people are interested in the cabin unless you
can make it slide out like the 1989 Batmobile.

OK, the main thing I want to do with this car is
to drill out the fifth slit to serve as headlights.

Well, this is going to be a bit of a problem because
there are supporting pillars meant for the screws
coming from the chassis itself. Bummer. But I am
confident it can be overcome........

Trip to KLIA 29082010

Today, we're sending off the girl's favourite Aunt back to Singapore. And because of reasons unknown, AirAsia was the flight of choice. And so, since it was a Sunday, it was a lso a good day to just take a drive to ..... LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal) in Sepang.

After that, it was time to pay a visit to KLIA as the girls have never been to an International Airport before. And boy, comparing this to LCCT, the KLIA was like comparing Sungei Wang to Lot10. KLIA had some passengers but they're all for International flights while LCCT was more for domestic flight which was so full of people that if you had a dollar for every person there, would be be a millionaire after a weekend.

This is one of those rides which the girls
enjoyed without having to use the 20sen
coins. That is, until the friendly trolley
guy came.

Did I mention that they had waffles and

After looking at various restaurants, we decided that eating in KLIA was too expensive. And it took us about three hours too. we were ready to eat at MacDonalds until we saw the 'Genting Higlands' prices. So, it was decided to go look for food in Kota Kemuning instead. In the meantime, I bough more waffles for my parents in case they were starving. Yeah, the girls helped themselves too.

Finally, after finding out that many restaurants do
not serve food at four in the afternoon, we had no
choice to but to eat at the clown house.

Nearly cause an accident at the roundabout when the family wanted to go to Carrefour instead of going home. But then, since this almost the end of the month, it was time to replenish supplies. At the end, it was the cartons of milk which rocked our wallets.

Whoa! And I paid RM9.00 for it. Still, this
one is blue but I did not have the chance
to see if there is a LED inside it.

What were they doing going through and fro
at the pillar?

And what is she doing with our groceries?

Yep, they discovered how to scan for things and
no product was safe from them.

While I was there, I SMS-ed Bruce hoping to escape the boredom but well, last minute plans usually never worked out.