Turn-based Sleeping

Well, it was a long evening for the girls mainly because they did not take the required afternoon nap. And so, when everyone finished with their dinner, the girls were left to their own devices. Since I was busy with some work, I left them alone..........

As Kristine could not get the chance to use my Nokia,
she just lay down on the floor and before you know it,
she was fast asleep.

In the meantime, Kaelynn got
to play with my Phone.

And played some more........

She was so engrossed with the phone that
she did not notice she was kicking Kristine.
But once she realised that, she apologised
by sweeping Kristine's hair away from her
face. By this time, she was starting to wind
down as well because there was no noise...

And within minutes, she lay next to her sister
and fell asleep. And in less than two minutes,
Kristine woke up........ sigh. Yeah, once she
warmed up, there was no peace in the house.

There goes my chance of sneaking up to the Wife...........

Blushing Fashionista

Come out, come out. Don't be shy

Yes, I know you're nervous but come out now.

Show everyone your new fashion, girl.

Now, isn't she cute?
(Actually, no. Because when Mommy found out..........)

The Conductor

When I came back, there was some commotion in the
kitchen. Turns out that Kristine was trying to teach
Mommy and Kaelynn how to sing.

Employee of the Month

What the heck! Of all things! You can't even be the
"Employee of the Month" even though there is only
you in the Department! Loser! Dumbass! So, now I
punish you by cleaning the ledge and force you to
listen to Boney M.