Murder in the bathroom

I saw the body when I switched on the lights
There was no blood, most probably it has been washed away
The victim must have died painfully
The head was twisted until it separated

No other marks were found as the killer hid their tracks well

Soaked, dried and left for dead

Still too young

After braving that stupid traffic jam, I arrived home
early and Kristine greeted me. We went for a short
drive (to park the car) and I discovered she is still
too small for the seat belts. So, its either Mommy
or the baby seat for her.

Overturned Lorry

On the radio, the hourly traffic report mentioned about an overturned lorry from Kepong to Sg. Buloh which causes a heavy backlog traffic, which was about 2km from where I was. So, I quickly drove as fast as I can in the traffic jam (yeah, it was like skating in a sand pit) only to find tht it was not true. It was not an overturned lorry but more like a lorry which skidded and whacked into something. Cheh. Tipu punya.

From far, through the traffic jam, I can see some of the
wreckage. Both sides of the traffic were affected

So, I guessed the lorry hit the cement divider....

And whacked a lampost on the way, where the
debris fell on the opposite side

The police were there to control the traffic.
The front cab was twisted like a chicken
with a broken neck

For Captain Kirk

Last Saturday, I did have some free time after all that outstation travelling and all, and deicided to scoot over to Pasar Road. The Enterprise 1701A Lighting project has stalled for a bit, because for the past few months, I had to settle some of my debts before I could do anything else. But now, I am almost in the clear.

Anyway, there was good news when I went down this time. There is a new shop which sells Electroluminescent wires and also Cold Cathode Fluorescense (CCFL)!!!

The price for them are quite reasonable and once you know how cheap they are, you might want to get a bat and hit the 6th Floor Sungei Wang guy on the head. I have not had the chance to try the CCFL out for myself but in the shop, it was impressive. Also, this shop does white EL too. I was so happy, I bought the cables outright even though they were demos. But the new stocks are coming in a few weeks time.

The young chap allowed me to do this because I knew his Dad and always go to his shop in Pudu Plaza.

Anyway, the idea is to used the CCFL for the nacelle when it goes to Warp and use the Blue EL when it is not into Warp. But maybe, use the White EL instead of the Blue and then get a purple filter for that UV look on the grilles.

This is a 12" CCFL which is quite cheep cheep
And does not go blink blink when started

For Kal

Finally, I got the chance to go to that place again, for
your PKD stuff. This is a CR2032 coin-cell battery
holder which gives you three volts, enough to
light up all the 5 LEDs. But I am not sure if
the green LEDs needs to be lighted up as
well. Still, it beats opening the grips to
change the stack of coin-cell batteries
which could also somtimes give you
reliability problems when it is
shaken too much

One less Honda on the road

This morning, as I was going into the office, I spotted this
Honda Integra across the street. At first, it looked as if
this was a head-on collision.

But once I got a closer look, it was a different story,
as if the Honda wrapped itself around a tall pole.

Could be a tree since a lamp post does not

But whatever it was, I hope this was not a left-hand
drive car since looking at this picture, the driver
would not have survived