Double Sheet nibbler

Forgot to post about this one. I got this tool about 10 days ago, about two months after I ordered it from eBay. But because it was over 60 days, I could not post any feed back to it and also, because it was over 60 days, that particular transaction record was gone. And so, I completely forgot about it.

Until I asked myself why my simple PC PSU project was not done yet. It was not done yet because I do not have a tool to make square holes in the metal panel. And to make a square hole in a metal panel, I need a sheet metal nibbler and since I (remembered) there's none for sale in Malaysia, I decided to get one from eBay.

Yep. That's just me. I forgot I ordered one and I went and ordered another one.
So now, I have one and also another one. Oh well, it will come in handy when the blade breaks one day or when Krsitine plays with it, one way or another.

And guess what? The second nibbler arrived less than 10 days!
And it was from the same seller too. My memory's going South