For nexus

OK, just managed to sneak to Pasar Road this afternoon today and got most of the parts. The only one I do not have is the LED holder. Anyway, after tweaking here and there, I managed to come up with the prototype. And it comes with an adjustable flashing rate so that you can adjust it to the speed you want. I only had enough money for two sets as required as the rest is for petrol. Ha ha ha ha

In the video, I will be switching on the circuit, let it run for a while, then adjust the timing to fast and then back to slow. The box for this project is on the left and the 9volt battery holder is on the right. Once this is done, I will then do the wiring and hopefully, get the LED holder for you soon.

Something's happening in TTDI

After a long day at The Curve, I decided to go home via the "shortcut" Highway through Taman Tun Dr. Ismail. And just after the thried traffic lights, I came across these people and there were five of them. Weird. Where did they come from?


They were waiting at the lights and my camera was too slow

I only got this shot after the girl on the right bent forward
Nearly created an accident, I tell you.
Someone please give me some money to buy a RM5,000 DSLR

Nice number plate?

Happened to see this when I was stuck in a jam on the way to Pasar Road