Kristine's sick

Well, after cleaning the oven, we discovered Kristine was not feeling well. We knew this because she was not her usual screaming, running and jumping self by afternoon. In fact, she looked as if she had completed a 24 hour marathon. And so, we discovered that she had fever and let her rest. Not only that, I was quite tired as well. I slept, tossed and turned while accompanying her to sleep.I felt as if I had been run over by a truck. Well, there goes my experiment with the oven.

Her temperature even went up to 39ºC!

Its Kaelynn's turn

When Kristine was about three, we let her play
with the computer for a while. Now, its Kaelynn's
turn, but with a bit of help from Mommy

Preparing the oven.....

Oh no. Its not what you think. Its just that Mom got this oven yonks ago and have not used them. I'll bet the Salesman who sold it to her must be one lucky guy.

Anyway, I got the oven cleaned and ready. Wife promised we would go out and get some potatoes and rosemary.......

This is the oven in question. I cleaned it and then
set it to 100ºC for 30 minutes for the heating
element to heat up the oven. Literally, I am doing
a burn-in test. Ha ha ha ha ha

First time I see a fan and a turning skewer in an
oven. I mean, this thing can roast!

I like ovens when I was in the UK. You know what I cooked when I was there? Yes, a cake! My flatmate taught me how to cook one. But I have forgotten where I have placed my hand-written recipe book now. And the second thing? Dinner.

Here is what I'd do:
Buy a bag of chips (french fries), then put a sheet of aluminum foil on the oven tray. Then you put half the chips onto the tray and sprinkle with some herbs, followed by two or three eggs which you break on top of it. Let it cook for about half and hour or until you smell something burning. Take out the whole tray and eat!
(Funny thing was, I was eathing like this for months and I could not even gain weight)

The 3-cell power supply

This is a 3 coin cell assembly for a Wii Light pen I have assembled for a friend of mine. Each coin cell is providing 1.5 volts and with three of them, you get 4.5volts, close enough to match the original 5volt USB voltage. What I am showing is how you would need to create some kind of battery holder for them.

Most probably, create a tube inside the extractor
and then stuff the batteries in. But you also have
to make sure you can get them out when you need
to change batteries since they're so small, they can
get exhausted very fast, methinks