Pasar Seremban

As we're leaving in a hurry because Loctor has to catch the bus back, I took some quick shot of the Seremban Pasar. Maybe I have not been to a wet market much, but this one is quite unique to me. The market is about two floors, with the wet market located below while the "Dry" stuff is on the top floor, from trinkets to food to fruits.

At the entrance, there were some people selling newspapers

Go into the Pasar and you would have people selling fresh vegatables and
fruits on both sides. This is the busiest area, methinks

Going deeper, you would see meat being sold. This is
sort of like the courtyard. I liked the lighting here as
its from the rood but I did not look up, though

This is a nice "multiway" stairs. People would go up and
down on any sides of the stairs. There is no rule and it
would not have any problems unless you bumped into
them and/or do not give way.

And at one side, you will have fruit stalls as well.

Chinese New Year stuff being sold

Even more CNY stuff. You'd think
that CNY is just around the corner.
Then again, it is. But no one's buying

And even more fruits. This is the exit from the foodcourt.
Man, I wanted ot get some mangoes but because I am
working there the whole day, the mangoes would go
bad in the car or maybe the customer would object to
being placed in the office.

By now, you would have noticed that I took these photos in reverse sequence as we're coming away from the food court. Either that you did not know unless I told you in the first place. Ha ha ha ha! One day, I must come back and take more "proper"photos.

The morning after.......

So, it was a fun night and although I got to "escape" from my Boss last night for the Wedding Dinner last night, it was not an easy feeling because I know, my techs would have done something wonderful to piss me off.

Anyhow, Zybisko14 did manage to wake up on time at 0830 to have breakfast with us as promised. This is an extraordinary feat for married men on their first day of, Merriage. So, we have the famous Hakka noodles located in the Seremban Wet Market.

Yes, we are all civic-minded people and so, we rode in a Honda Civic.

Yeah, the morning after. 'nuff said

These noodles are hand-made and I can assure you, the have washed
their hands. (Update: It could either be the noodles or lunch I had as
I've been shitting black gooey stuff the whole afternoon until my butt
reddened the tissue paper)

Loctor trying out the Hakka noodles. I cannot show you WillPhua as
I did not ask if he wants to enforce the "ski-mask" policy.

Alas, as we all bade farewell, I have
to continue my work. I thought it
would be an easy day until I realised
my Boss is not coming over. Haih.
Anyway, its 90% done and I hope I
do not need to come back so soon.