Another fight

Malaysia was shocked when the video clip of Miri schoolgirls bullying another student so now, here is another video clip of another fight. This time, even an innocent blogger was not spared. What has the World come to, sigh


Ha ha ha ha ha

A forgotten Gift

While we were making some space for the baby cot, I found this item. It was given to me by a friend last year. Its a very nice Heineken radio. I am not sure if it worked or not but as a precaution, I have removed the batteries last year, in case it leaked, like all my other stuff. Its quite easy to just forget about it and then return months later to find the batteries have leaked and corroded all the metal inside. Sometimes, even the circuit boards are gone too and you have either junk it or buy a new one. This is very common for torchlights.

So, here we have it, the Gift

There is a strap, the radio and a set of headphones
You can see the battery with the headphones

The design is quite nice and the two bumps are to
scan and reset the radio frequency. So, if your favourite
frequency is at 108Mhz, and you're now at 95.8Mhz, you
need to press RESET and then SCAN for the radio to star
from 88MHz until it reaches the frequency you want.

This is the back of the radio where you slot in the
battery and there is a clip for you to break when
you feel clumsy

The radio is not working. Really.
(Ignore all the bent components) even the yellow LED
was not soldered properly. The other side of the board is
where it housed the two switches and its just a piece of metal
taped to the circuit board

Once I got rid of all the unecessary things, I have
this cute little gadget with a large magnifying lens
in the middle. Maybe I should make a circuit for
LEDs and put it inside. One day, that is.
Ha ha ha ha ha