ELs spotted

While passing by, I spotted these weird looking decorations hanging on the shelve of one Chinese Goods Store. For those unfamiliar with this, its just a weird ornament.

For those who have seen it, its an animated EL (Electroluminescent) design. I was tempted to get it but because it costs RM39.00 (and also where to use it), I decided not to.

Advantage of EL is that it can be used on a flat medium and still be able to give out light.

When you see a ribbon cable connected to a black box, it means sequenced lights.

Bumper bumity bump

I am angry. Yes, angry. I am angry because I was angry. And I am not being calm about the whole matter.

After I have parked my car, I decided to wait for a moment before getting out since this is a very important customer. Then an old Satria, driven by a young Malay girl, came in and swerved to the empty parking space in my right. And you can hear the painful crunching sound that came after that.

Stupid girl had misjudge her swerving and scratched my bumper. Since its a small scratch, I told her to forget it because even if she wants to pay and all, I was not in the mood. This is not a simple case of paying and then forget about it because there are a lot of 'hidden' problems that comes with it if you're unlucky. Anyway, one look of my face (or it is just me) they reversed the car hurriedly and left. I saw the car again after I have seen my customer and it seemed that they decided to park further away just to be safe. I wanted to hit out at the car but then again, what's the point? Besides, their fog lamp also came off...