Weekend Dinner

And so, we get to have another dinner at the Palace. And this time, its fish. Or rather, the main course is fish. Which is fine by me but there was another surprise...

Yes! Petai! Yum yum! Petai!

After dinner, the girls were at their
hyperactive levels.

Since I did not bring my Nikon D50, I was very
happy with this almost perfect shot. The White
Balance is another matter.

Sink or Swim....

Fat floats right? But do you know that fat cannot swim?
So, its time to start exercising again and have not been
swimming since 1994. So I started off by swimming across
the lines just to warm up before swimming off the the end
of the pool. And boy, by the time I accumulated two laps,
I was about to die from exhaustion. I say accumulated and
not completed. It did not help that I know how to swim. By
the time I dragged myself out, I lost feelings on both of my
arms. And so, I am going to continue come this weekend.

Being much fuller again

OK, I think I am getting fat. When I was in the factory three months ago, I think my weight dropped to about 78kg. Three weeks ago, it was 85 with clothes and boots on. Now, its 85 with my underwear on.

For Friday, I bought a RM1.00 nasi lemak. Because
the lady packed it too fast for me to take a picture,
I took this instead, of a kitten busy eating leftovers.

Then on Saturday, since my Aunt from Australia
loves variety food, we took her to Taman Megah's
Ming Tien. So we had Oh-jean, Kuey teow, Rojak,
Apoms, deep fried stuff and jugs and jugs of fruit
juices. Then there is the DBKL duty for the both
of us.......uwekkk........

Then on Sunday, we ate at Jalan Gasing's Ipoh
Chicken rice. I must say, quality has gone down
South nowadays. Even the new waiters ignored

Most probably because they could be
concentrating on Mid-Valley's new
branch or something. Even Kaelynn
was not impressed with her drink.

Why? Because this is what it was supposed
to look like. So, the plastic glass and a big
straw really potong stim. And as usual,
they kidnapped my 7-Up instead.

And although the Curry Kuey Teow was silky
soft, I did not enjoy it as they absorbed the
curry faster than I can spoon them into my

Yeah, I think I have to start exercising again, and this time, really cut down on the things I eat since being thin is quite enjoyable, as I get to walk faster and all. But then, I have to find a cobbler to put more holes in the belt as its very easy to *ahem* fall off. But now, thanks to my fattiness, its different. Then again, as far as I can remember, I never did have a waist........