Coming home from Schools

Just a quick one today as everyone was busy, I had to take some time off to get the girls back home. And looking at my schedule for the day, I think I have some time to do this and still have some time left to go back on track. Its a slim one but I think I can make it.

All I have to do is to drive a little bit faster... Its these rare times like this that makes me happy to be able to do something for my kids but a bit tensed because I am supposed to be working..... sigh.

First one to get was Kaelynn
and she was very happy to
see me.

Because of the time gap between her school and
I took her to the Clownhouse, with just
enough time for her
to eat her's and do a take-away
for Kristine. But I am not eating since I am
for the time. Everything must fall into place.

Then it was off to get Kristine. And just
in time too. I had to make sure she is
wearing the face mask these few days
as the air quality was not that good.

And so, she had her lunch in the car while I
drove them back to the house.

Erm, Kaelynn was still hungry despite
walloping her Kiddy Meal, so Kristine
gave some of her fries to her.

OK, so I made her give some of her fries to Kaelynn...