Kristine's Fashion sense

Back in the days where there were no ready made clothes, women relied on fashion magazines and also seamstresses to make clothes for them. But most would really make their own, sourcing materials from every store making each dress unique. However, for this five year old, anything is game.

This is the latest fashion; Curtain Hood

And the latest tongue ornament:
Orange flavoured chewie

Stripping a Korean

And so, with the 4x4 gone, I have two choices; use the Van or my own car. OK, actually, there is no choice but to use the van. However, because by techs need the van to carry stuff too, this would mean us going back to the old methods where I would drive the van, drop off their stuff, then continue with my calls, and collect their stuff when they are finished. Not only is this time consuming and wasting petrol, it affects the quality of my calls too. And so, after driving it for one day, I decided to bring my Bengmobile out of the mothballs (or, from rust)

The Hyundai is going into the workshop again, this
time for a proper repair since my Boss is going to
use it. Because of the air-con unit, they had to strip
the whole dashboard clean.

The reason, the Foreman said was that they (Koreans)
built and designed cars which is difficult to be serviced
the normal way and must be replaced as one whole
module instead. I am not sure if he is telling the truth
but then again, he knows more about cars than I do.

Once everything has been opened up, the rest
of the parts are then dumped to the back seat
while everyone concentrated on the dash area

Ah, so, this is the clock module which has been
giving me a lot of problems. I wanted to take it
out and see what can be done but here and now,
its best to leave things alone.

And so, after two days in the work shop, the
car is ready. Which my Boss then took it to
the cleaners to get the upholstery done. Oh
now the dashboard lights are not working....

While I was away.....

Well, like my Boss said, "Special times needs special decisions." And in just less than a week, it was gone. The Toyota Hilux 4x4. His trademark. And secretly, one of my Loves. The car has been with him since the early Millenium (or even longer) and now, he needed to part with it. At first, I though it was the Hyundai that is to be sold but in the end, it was his beloved 4x4. this might give the company more time but I just hope that business picks up again soon. So, I was in the office the whole day feeling sad. And until I can get my Satria back to full working order, I will be driving the van.

The transaction was very fast. The guy came, took it
and banked in the money later.