Speakers for Kristine

While I was searching for a bag for my technician, I ended up at PJ's Section 14's Digital Mall. After looking around at the AllIT Shop, I ended up paying for two items....

Edifier MI335
This is a small speaker system which just like my (more than) ten years old Altec Lansing but with a smaller output. The 2.1 system boasts of two 8Watt satellite speakers and a 14Watt woofer, plus a wired remote volume control which also lets you plug a pair of headphones to it. I wanted this for a Win 98 PC in the lounge so that she can play with her educational CDs. Its loud but not loud enough to get scolded. I mean, for RM109, this is as best you could get. But I am a bit worried about the Woofer enclosure being made from MDF as we all know what happens when its exposed to moisture.

The new speakers. Its quite small, the box
almost the size of a small juicer.

Kristine's reaction to the new pair of speakers.
Note the Megalomaniac laughter face.......

Laptop Keypad Protector
It sounds so silly to pay RM12.00 for a piece of thin sticky sheet to cover your keyboard. Not only that, since its not smooth, my fingers tend to wipe against the sheet and thus reducing my typing performace. Yeah, I typed a lot of typos.

But, after looking at the cost of changing to a third set of keyboards for my 8-year old Toshiba Tecra, the cost and its silliness is justified.

I chose a universal sheet since its hard to bring your
Laptop and argue with the Security Guard. Moreover,
I think I can can cut the sheet into shape if its too big.
(yeah, right)

This thing is sticky and goes on everywhere except
to the keyboard. And it took me quite a while before
it "aligns" straight with the layout of the Notebook.

Finally! Although it juts out just a bit to the sides, I am
happy with it. But somehow, I worry as the sheet not
only protects but it might icrease the Notebook's
temperature since hot air rises.

Happy Wesak Night

For a change this year, we're going to the Maha Vihara in the evening, on the Eve of Wesak Day. As to why we did this, apart from watching everyone sweating all over the place, is because the weather is very very hot. Not only that, tomorrow, we have other plans, which is to celebrate Mother's Day on the Eve as well.

And so, after work, I rushed back, where Wife got everyone together and away we go. Althought its Friday evening, the rush hour traffic was bearable, except for the occasional impatient driver who thinks the World is moving too slow for him. Still, a few deft maneuvres kept him in place. And then there is the problem of parking. As this was the Eve of Wesak Day, there were already a lot of people and so, parking is a problem in Brickfields. We did not park at the nearby school as always as it was not ready. And so, we had to park quite some distance which, we fell victim to the touts.

Man: Parking here is RM3.00
Me: Yeah, ka?
Man: Yah. RM3.00
Me: OK, but I want a receipt
Me: Hah? A receipt?
Me: Ya la. I want to claim expenses ma

So the Indian called someone using his Chinese-made mobile phone which has a cracked LCD screen but still, amazingly, worked. Maybe he's calling his "Boss" or backup, but luckily........

Man: Aiks. No answer la Me: Wah waht phone is that? Man: China one la. Cheap ma Me: Cheh. You waste money for what? My friend bought and had to change five within 3 months. (Bluffing, just to start conversation) Man: OK, tell you what. You come here before ah? Me: (bluffing again) Yeah I always come here [pointing to the front of the shops] to service phones la. (Technically, it was true but that was so eight years ago) Man: OK, you going where? Me: To the temple la. We praying ma Man: OK, OK. When you come back, you pay me the RM3.00 lor Me: OK.

In the stamingly humid environment, it was bearable.
And this was the first time I saw such a scene. So nice
and yet, amazed such a simple setup can affect me.

We had to wait quite a bit before the Monks
could bless us as we arrived at the time
where they have starting the praying. And
so, we walked about, and did our prayers.

How I wished I have brought my Nikon D50 along
but I know I am crap in these type of photography.
Still, there were a lot of shutterbugs about.

Later on, as we came out, we got some drinks and also
eventually came back to this stall. I wanted a toy gun
but because of the sign below, I gave my choice to my
wife who picked upa whistling hammer to hit her not
so attentive students in school.

The sign that says it all. RM10.00 for any three Chinese
made Toys. Kristine and Kaelynn each got a melody
phone which (Kristine's) ran out of battery hours later.
And yeah, the parking guy was nowhere to be seen when
we came back to the car. So we got away as fast as we can.

Yam Yam Tree (Section 17/47)

I am not sure what this place was called my when I was working in Toshiba, the senior old ha.......er, female Salesperson told me its called the Yam Yam Tree (as in shade tree in Cantonese). Every now and then, I would stop there for lunch and believe me, its always packed during that time. If you look closely, the whole store is divided into two by a wooden wall, one for the Muslim and one for the Chinese. However, for the regular customers, this is not a problem only when you wanted to eat and drink across the dividers. Anyway, Yam Yam tree offers quite a nice sambal petai dish, chunky deep fried chickens, and crispy tapioca chips.

After I had left, I seldom go there and the last I've heard, they have moved to a 1st floor building nearby. Yes, I know, if its true, the move would have lost its identity. But today, after meeting an old friend, I decided to take this route just for old time's sake. Lo and behold! Yam Yam tree is back!

This is why "we" called the place Yam Yam tree.
Just look at how big the trees have grown since
the last 10years. But the wooden store is now
looking very run down. One day, I will catch up
with a friend of mine who just lives nearby to
get her to tell me what actually happened.

But unfortunately inside, it has grown smaller and
the dividing wall has disappeared. Still, its business
as usual for everyone. However, the Chinese section
is just a shadow of its former self. They used to sell
economy rice and drinks too. Today, its just tables
and some home-made drinks.

When I asked the Lady, she told me that the stall
was partially demolished due to "political" reasons.
As in which politics, I did not want to ask further.

Malaysian English

My Boss told me to get a new file for some of
the documents I have created. When it comes
to products with a lot of descriptions, I cannot
help but do a quick read. This one is like an ad
but when I looked at the English........

I guess this must be the "Fingering Hole"