The girl who did not smile

Well, what did you expect? We drove her to a studio, and never tell her what to expect. The camera man then leads everyone to a small room where all the lights were on her, with everyone telling her to smile. You're not going to smile too. In fact, you might be afraid from all the sudden attention.

I wanted to hit the camera man in the head because
he would not let me use the camera to help calm the
situation down. I sarcastically told my wife to wait
there while I go home and take my camera.....

Metering my car

Here I am, adding another meter to my car. This time, its a voltage meter plus some extras switches. Yeah, my car's electrical is going nuts, which I suspect could be due to the rusts. The voltage meter is for me to see how the car is doing but for all you know, it won't drop or rise as I expect. Maybe I should have gotten an ammeter with a 100A shunt instead. As for the switches, the red one is to monitor the brake lights while the white one is for reverse lights. Should any of the two not working, I will simply press the switch to bypass them manually.

To tell you the truth, I wanted to do the brake light switch ever since I got the car in the late 90's to simulate an emergency brake. But the switch would be those industrial mushroom types and p;aced in front of the dash in such a way that the driver behind cannot see I pressed it. He he he he.

Introducing one of my 'latest' tool, the metal nibbler.
Its the latest because I kept it for years and just got
to see it again. I asked around on how to cut metal
and Multifilla showed me a tool which is exactly
like mine. I am so stupid.

You cut a small hole for it to come through and then
you can start 'nibbling' the metal until you get the
shape that you need.

I wanted to put the special flip cover for the red switch
but there is not enough space. Too bad.

Since the meter is running on 5 volts, I can
just bolt on a 5v voltage regulator to the
metal casing which then acts as a big heatsink
Unfortunately, I can't find my heatsink thermal
transfer cream.

Looking from the side, there are no shorts. But I
am not taking any chances and so, I will use those
heatshrink tubing for the voltage regulators. And
when I need to wire up the switches later, it'll be
very messy in there.

At the same time, I decided to check my Tachometer
which has dimming problems. Since I do not have the
original specs, I used the next best component. So, it
now has a very bright display but cannot dim much.

There you go. As you can see, the two meters on the
right have spoilt displays and well, I am not going to
try repair them since I just opened them a few mins
ago and I suspect it has something to do with the
microprocessor IC. And I do not have the HEX files
to program them.

New things at SDCC 2010

Years ago, with the advent of the Internet, news reports of Cons (Conventions) do not interest me much even though I've been to one in the early 90's. But after going to MITF 2010 at Mid-Valley, I am still in a high over cons. So, while we had MITF, they had SDCC. And because being there is not economically viable, I had to contend with pictures from the Internet and maybe get my stuff from eBay.

I am not going to put up photos if chicks in costumes since they're all over the Net now. what I am going to post are the items of interest which I hope, would fall into my hands in the very near future....

The Farnsworth communicator , from Warehouse 13
by Quantum Mechanix. But I think one of the buttons
is wrong. Maybe its the middle one which is black.

Mark VI Iron Man Arc Reactor from Museum
Replicas. One of the actual companies who did
the Iron Man Helmets and went a step further
giving it a chrome look (which is a magnet for
finger prints) when you're not supposed to.

It looks very weird and personally, it looks
like one of those toy miniature Batman search
lights when it is lit.

Which means, I prefer my toy better. Just a coat of silver
paint, is all I need. Heh.

Tron Identity disk

Ghostbusters PKE Meter from Mattel

At the eFX booth, they had theMk X Medical
Tricorder. Basically, it is the same as the Mk IX.
Unfortunately, the screen is not 'Medical' in this

But with the difference that there is a handheld
scanner underneath the Tricorder. And if I am
not mistaken, there is supposed to be some blue
LEDs in there but I forgot where.

But my dream Tricorder is this one, the MkVII
aka TR-580, which debut in season three of STNG

Ah, what a beauty!

Not sure if this is the 1/1000 JJPrise

Quantum Mechanix's USD50.00 phaser from the movie

And their studio scale model (1/20?) Viper model

Which comes with a working DRADIS!

Beautiful Pictures from SDCC 2010

While we have the MITF, in America, they have the San Diego Comic Convention (SDCC) and after filtering most of the photos, I now present you the best photos of the lot....

Finally, Vader came to his senses and saved the Universe

The riff in the family. Mom wants to work while
the kid wants build his career....

Say what?

Kristine: Mommy, this is so small. You need a magnet..finding glass
Mommy: Hah?
Me: Magnifying glass

So, why do you Troop?

So, why to you Troop? You don't know what is Trooping? Trooping is where you lug your armour around in a big luggage, dress up with it, walk around and sweat in it while letting people make monkey faces and fondle you while breaking your stuff in the process.

So, why do you Troop?

You stand like a mannequin andlet people stuff you into big piecesof plastic that functions more likea portable sauna.

People challenge you on the size
of your wee-wee....

And you throw all your stuff about the place
when you lose

Heck, even everyone loses

But when you do go out there, its all worth it

Because you get the girls

Even if you poke around, acting your character

People will thank you for doing a good job,

And some will even try to give you gifts

Because not only do you get to be who
you are, you get to act out your character.

And best of all, the girls will be
waiting for you.

If you maintain proper personal hygiene,
everyone will want to help you.

It does not matter if you like doing
the Butt-dance alone

Or with a friend (The Sodom-dance).

If you like doing the thumb-me dance

Or the mutant rabbit dance,

No one will bat an eye because they know,
and you know,

The girls will still be there

And even when someone tells you that
they ran out of duct tape for your

And you thrash the place in anger, daring the duct tape to show up

You STILL get the girls

Some extra photos:This is one of the reasons why you cannot
stand still for too long. Or when Jawas are

Look. You're still too short to be
a Stormtrooper. So, go home and
eat more vegetables, OK?

Move along! Nothing to see here. Move along!
We don't need to see you papers and these are not the droids we're looking for!

For nexus

So, I finally got he 1" tubes. They don't have the 3/4" ones as there were no stock. I think he said something about being discontinued but I am not so sure. Since the Bosses were not around, they gave the price of RM25.00 which I literally took and ran. Tempted to go back there and get some for myself too.

10 inches in height, almost two feet across
and weigh almost one kilo. All for Rm25.00

The Malaysia International Toy fair 2010

Where shall I begin. Its already Tuesday and I am still suffering from it. Not from the exhaustion but the short-circuiting of my brain from all the ideas and feedbacks coming from Pol, Swee Ho, James, Bruce, etc since yesterday. Those are the wonderful ideas which in theory, should keep my busy for a year before the second MITF, that is.

The Malaysian Toys International Fair as I was being informed, was the first Toy Fair in Malaysia (which succeeded). When I mean successed, it was based on my own observations:

1) On the frist day, even at 1930, people are still queuing up to PAY RM3.00 to get into the Fair eventhough 30%have closed for the day.

2) The crowds are never ending, even during Lunch and Dinner time.

Anyway, since there are a lot of things happening, I will comment on the photos la.

It is very surprising that there were a lot of participants and some even came from Indonesia. But what I did not know was that some of the designer toys actually were from Malaysia! Indirectly, the booths were divided into a few catergories; PC Games, Toy Shops, Designers, Books, and Fan exhibitions.

The Predator weapon with its very
nice white LEDs pulsating outwards

Dweey designer toys and Liselle paintings


I like this one very much

You can pretty much design your own Dweey

Lisa Lee, the Malaysian creator of Liselle.
Forgot to buy some stuff from her.

I love the T-shirts and they're so nice, its a shame

to actually wear them. Again, I forgot to buy them

and I think, the good ones were gone.


Another designed toy, but this one reminds me

of Dr. Slump.


Card games in progress. Not interested. 'nuff said.

Steven Choe of ToyGarden/ToyWizard

( or

Old Master Q

The infamous Batman from Hot Toys with the

'oil' oozing out from its midriff

Blythe dolls

I don't know what came over me but I am
starting to find the ones with the doggy
very cute. Years ago, just their very
image gets on my nerves.

Macross Fans of Malaysia. Did you see anything wrong?

Yep, they snuck in a very beautiful AV-98 Patlabor!

With all the models, I am not really interested
with much except for this Elinseeker,

And this model.

The new ones are not very attractive except that
they look more aerodynamic. To me, its like an
Ally McBeal model.

And most of them looked as if they have a lot of
add-ons to make it look tough. Still this one did
catch my eye.

Transformers fans of Malaysis

I want the Blaster, which is the red/yellow
boombox eventhough the transparent
Optimus prime was next to it.

Wow. A clear Alternator Transformer. Too bad
I did not see any Headmaster or Powermasters

Darren Chan, creator of Doodolls being

Gempak Starz artists drawing on a canvas which
will be sold later.
(Anticlockwise L-R: Keith, Jo, Little and Kaoru)

Of Mascots, Cosplayers and 501st
Nowadays, shows like these without a mascot or a costumed character is like eating rive without the gravy, or a banana without the durian......... (eh?).

Doodolls mascot being lead around the halls, much
to the delight of fans and young kids.

I am not sure what this is, but the costume
is definitely very innovative.

Cosplayers (of what?)

A character from Blade, I think

Guys from Halo
He did this from pepakura and strenghtened
the paper with resin and fiberglass. You can
see from the costume, its a lot of work and
he is very talented. I wanted to talk to him
about improving his helmet LEDs but I was
rushed for time as I was helping with costumes

On the left, is a boy who looks like a girl while on the
right is a girl who dresed up as a boy (Kadajj from
final fantasy VII:Advent Children)

Not sure what it was, but I would guess
its Hakune Miku or something at the
Animax booth.

Trust me, I was speechless too but he
was very accomodating and patient.

Star Wars Lightsaber fight courtesy of Outpost Toys

Prize giving for the winners of Droid hunt
with Darth Vader picking the winners.

My part in the Grand scheme of things
So, what was I doing there for two whole days? I was there because of my two buddies, Kal and nexus. Kal was there because he is Boba Fett for 501st and nexus was there because he did the costume for the Warhammer 40K Sisters of battle. I was there because I did the electronics for both of them. And I also ended up helping the 501st in suiting up and off on their costumes. So, now, I know how to suit up a Stormtrooper, a Sandtrooper and a Boba Fett.

Me with the Sisters of Battle Bolter

A Stormtrooper getting ready all by himself

Behind the scenes: Sister of Battle getting ready

This is what I have been doing. Helping the 501st
getting in and out of their costumes. This way, it
would reduce the suit up time. You won't care
about this until you really need to 'go'.

We have to think fast and always on our feet as
sometimes, we need to repair or reinforce the
costumes within a very short time and very
little tools. We improvise ala MacGyver, la.

And sometimes, you really have to stretch things and
tell them to "suck it in' as well. With no battles, troops
can get fat very fast. This is very evident ever since
the Empire lost to the rebels.

Everyone was fighting for the mirror before
going out there. Nothing to do with vanity
but the effort to make the costume look
just 'right'.

My electronics. On the front is the Boba Fett chest
display on prototype board as the vendor went on
holiday. Background is th Bolter's ammo counter

I was so pleased to see it working when Kal put it
into his armour and switched it on, eventhough it
was not accurate because I only had three days to
come up with it after learning about the PCB problem

And seeing the visitor's smiling or picking up
their jaws from the floor was really worth it

And I was made Honorary member of the 501st!

Sorry. I wanted to show you who they are but as
I did not have the clearance from the 501st, it'll
have to be in 'Ski mask' mode for now.

So, after going through the first MITF, and talking to a lot of members, plus nexus and Bruce, i think I am going to do something for next year's MITF but right now, I have to get ready for SF in December. I also find that i really enjoy being 'behind the scenes' guy instead of being the guy in a costume. But who knows?

As nexus said, "Adeptus Mechanicus". Yes, I am thinking very hard on this one.