New things at SDCC 2010

Years ago, with the advent of the Internet, news reports of Cons (Conventions) do not interest me much even though I've been to one in the early 90's. But after going to MITF 2010 at Mid-Valley, I am still in a high over cons. So, while we had MITF, they had SDCC. And because being there is not economically viable, I had to contend with pictures from the Internet and maybe get my stuff from eBay.

I am not going to put up photos if chicks in costumes since they're all over the Net now. what I am going to post are the items of interest which I hope, would fall into my hands in the very near future....

The Farnsworth communicator , from Warehouse 13
by Quantum Mechanix. But I think one of the buttons
is wrong. Maybe its the middle one which is black.

Mark VI Iron Man Arc Reactor from Museum
Replicas. One of the actual companies who did
the Iron Man Helmets and went a step further
giving it a chrome look (which is a magnet for
finger prints) when you're not supposed to.

It looks very weird and personally, it looks
like one of those toy miniature Batman search
lights when it is lit.

Which means, I prefer my toy better. Just a coat of silver
paint, is all I need. Heh.

Tron Identity disk

Ghostbusters PKE Meter from Mattel

At the eFX booth, they had theMk X Medical
Tricorder. Basically, it is the same as the Mk IX.
Unfortunately, the screen is not 'Medical' in this

But with the difference that there is a handheld
scanner underneath the Tricorder. And if I am
not mistaken, there is supposed to be some blue
LEDs in there but I forgot where.

But my dream Tricorder is this one, the MkVII
aka TR-580, which debut in season three of STNG

Ah, what a beauty!

Not sure if this is the 1/1000 JJPrise

Quantum Mechanix's USD50.00 phaser from the movie

And their studio scale model (1/20?) Viper model

Which comes with a working DRADIS!

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