1/35 EFGF MS(G) Platoon Briefing Set

Ha ha ha ah aha! I got it! I got this 'rare' 1/35 Gundam kit! This was one of those kits which Bandai tried to attract 1/35 Armour modelers into the Gundam World. In fact, Bandai released a few kits and they're really sold out in Malaysia despite the higher price when compared to a 'normal' 1/35 equivalent.

It all started when Bandai's create the U.C Hardgraph series from their anmie shorts called MS Igloo which tells of stories of soldiers from both sides. These model kits concentrated more on transports, troops and well, parts of robots, which is perfect for dioramas. As I do not follow the 'main' Gundam series or any kind, these short stories are quite nice and tells you how size matters (and sometimes, does not)

And here are their model kits in detail so far, but I'll only highlight the important features (to me, that is) for each kit:
1. UCHG #1 Zion Mobile Scout Set
Some guy on a weird hover bike.
2. UCHG #2 Rambal ram Command Set
Zaku Head, one motorcycle, one fat guy

3. UCHG #3MS[G] Platoon Set
Big Hover truck, table, one fat guy

4. UCHG #4Anti MS squad set
Big MS hand, running figures, Bazooka

5. UCHG #5Zeon Cylops team set
Jeep, fat guy, Kid

6. UCHG #6 M61A5 Main Battle Tank
Tank with two cannons

7. UCHG #7 FF-X7 Core Fighter
Foldable boxy plane with female pilot.

This arrived in the office, and as usual, I picked it up pretty fast in case 'reporters' came. Yes, the Office has a Number One reporter which I totally hate.

The box on the outside looks good but when I opened it...

Anyway, the box is huge. This is why I had to remove it from the Office as fast as possible.

With normal kits, when there is a big box, it is usually just for parts but here, it is to house the big shell of the vehicle...
One day, I am going to build it and light it up too. Looking at the hover engines, I might want to convert them to truck tires and keep the beautiful engine instead... Right, off to the 'to-do' bin it goes, where it will be stored until the near future where I hope I have the time and peace to do it. And I also hope that its within my Lifetime as well.

1/32 Revell F-14 Tomcat

I got this from a SFTPMS member, Mig21 sometime ago and after doing a face-to-face, I even had to drive him to the nearest LRT. 

This is the box that came with the kit.
And these are the contents of the kit that came inside the box.

OK, to me, 1/32 is a very big scale. If you want to know how big it is, look at your index finger. The first two notches from your fingernail to the second notch is about two inches, which represents the height of a 1/32 figure. Now, put that figure into a car, and the car is about 5 inches. Put him into a modern tank, its reaching almost to a feet. Now, imagine putting him into a F-14 Tomcat...

So, if I were to build this 1/32 kit, imagine the length....

OK, to be honest, bigger isn't better but for me, this is not important. This was because I did a 1/48 sometime ago, (OK, it was 24% completed), and the size was quite 'big'. I did not realise that there is a 1/32 scale from Revell. At the time, the only time it could be that big was from Tamiya and good luck buying one of them which costs about RM500. So, getting one from Revell seems to be the only compromise. Luckily, I was never one of those anal rivet counters or else I would have completely ignore this item for sale. to them, I would presume even the Tamiya kit would still be imperfect.

Anyway, I have the kit now, and I am so happy. But to the to-do bin it has to go, CNY mood or not. Seriously, even if I wanted to start on this right now, I do not have the proper tools nor an airbrush.

27012012 Dinner

Family dinner at THAT shop near Tesco in Old Klang Road. Yum yum. I forgot who 'discovered' it but this is the stall which causes traffic jams in the evening since its located on the side of the main Old Klang Road where everyone is coming back from their offices.

Bak Kut Teh and Steamed fish plus vege.

Panoramic shot of everyone there, and surroundings.

The Iron Repair Guy

I have less than an hour or so to repair this DVD player. And I basically know what the problem was. Its the 'Power' and the 'Eject' buttons which are causing the player to not functioning well. I know who caused them and I am not sure how they learn to do that. Maybe its because of the stiff lift buttons but whatever it is, dem button's broke.

Dem thing's broke. It just cannae eject, no. Ah no power ON or OFF for that matter too...

This is the Philips DVD player which we bought many years ago and it does play a lot of formats, particularly the DivX.

This is the defective power button which, if we were to send it to Philips, it would take a long time and also costs a lot of money.

I have opened up this before a few years ago and so, I know what I am doing. A quick desolder of the current switch and that's it. All done.

While I was repairing, the girls were observing too. The the cartoon came on...

Ta-daa! The defective switch.
With that out of the way, its now time for dinner...

27012012 Trip to Pasar Road

Don't know what I was thinking today, going to Pasar Road while the Chinese New Year period is still on. Then again, most of the customers are still on leave and rather than watching fungus grow, this was the only thing I could do.

Yeah, most of the shops are closed and today's not even Sunday.

Luckily, the ones that are close are the 'component' shops and not the generic ones. Nice surprise here, someone has finally brought in EL lights but unfortunately, its too late for any Tron costume.

This is what I was looking for. Third brake light using LEDs and not lightbulbs.

Just to be sure, I upgraded the LEDs to 1 watt since during traffic jams here, people tend to press on the brakes a lot. Everyone is too laxy to use the handbrakes. I don't blame them since the traffic jams are stop-go situations where the only benefit would be developing a muscular left arm. Note I also bought some micro push button switches for the DVD player.

Since I could not find the correct buzzer for Vee-Chai, this is the most I can do in the meantime.