1/35 EFGF MS(G) Platoon Briefing Set

Ha ha ha ah aha! I got it! I got this 'rare' 1/35 Gundam kit! This was one of those kits which Bandai tried to attract 1/35 Armour modelers into the Gundam World. In fact, Bandai released a few kits and they're really sold out in Malaysia despite the higher price when compared to a 'normal' 1/35 equivalent.

It all started when Bandai's create the U.C Hardgraph series from their anmie shorts called MS Igloo which tells of stories of soldiers from both sides. These model kits concentrated more on transports, troops and well, parts of robots, which is perfect for dioramas. As I do not follow the 'main' Gundam series or any kind, these short stories are quite nice and tells you how size matters (and sometimes, does not)

And here are their model kits in detail so far, but I'll only highlight the important features (to me, that is) for each kit:
1. UCHG #1 Zion Mobile Scout Set
Some guy on a weird hover bike.
2. UCHG #2 Rambal ram Command Set
Zaku Head, one motorcycle, one fat guy

3. UCHG #3MS[G] Platoon Set
Big Hover truck, table, one fat guy

4. UCHG #4Anti MS squad set
Big MS hand, running figures, Bazooka

5. UCHG #5Zeon Cylops team set
Jeep, fat guy, Kid

6. UCHG #6 M61A5 Main Battle Tank
Tank with two cannons

7. UCHG #7 FF-X7 Core Fighter
Foldable boxy plane with female pilot.

This arrived in the office, and as usual, I picked it up pretty fast in case 'reporters' came. Yes, the Office has a Number One reporter which I totally hate.

The box on the outside looks good but when I opened it...

Anyway, the box is huge. This is why I had to remove it from the Office as fast as possible.

With normal kits, when there is a big box, it is usually just for parts but here, it is to house the big shell of the vehicle...
One day, I am going to build it and light it up too. Looking at the hover engines, I might want to convert them to truck tires and keep the beautiful engine instead... Right, off to the 'to-do' bin it goes, where it will be stored until the near future where I hope I have the time and peace to do it. And I also hope that its within my Lifetime as well.

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