The Iron Repair Guy

I have less than an hour or so to repair this DVD player. And I basically know what the problem was. Its the 'Power' and the 'Eject' buttons which are causing the player to not functioning well. I know who caused them and I am not sure how they learn to do that. Maybe its because of the stiff lift buttons but whatever it is, dem button's broke.

Dem thing's broke. It just cannae eject, no. Ah no power ON or OFF for that matter too...

This is the Philips DVD player which we bought many years ago and it does play a lot of formats, particularly the DivX.

This is the defective power button which, if we were to send it to Philips, it would take a long time and also costs a lot of money.

I have opened up this before a few years ago and so, I know what I am doing. A quick desolder of the current switch and that's it. All done.

While I was repairing, the girls were observing too. The the cartoon came on...

Ta-daa! The defective switch.
With that out of the way, its now time for dinner...

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