27012012 Trip to Pasar Road

Don't know what I was thinking today, going to Pasar Road while the Chinese New Year period is still on. Then again, most of the customers are still on leave and rather than watching fungus grow, this was the only thing I could do.

Yeah, most of the shops are closed and today's not even Sunday.

Luckily, the ones that are close are the 'component' shops and not the generic ones. Nice surprise here, someone has finally brought in EL lights but unfortunately, its too late for any Tron costume.

This is what I was looking for. Third brake light using LEDs and not lightbulbs.

Just to be sure, I upgraded the LEDs to 1 watt since during traffic jams here, people tend to press on the brakes a lot. Everyone is too laxy to use the handbrakes. I don't blame them since the traffic jams are stop-go situations where the only benefit would be developing a muscular left arm. Note I also bought some micro push button switches for the DVD player.

Since I could not find the correct buzzer for Vee-Chai, this is the most I can do in the meantime.

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