*work* *work* *work* *hammer* *hammer* *program* *dit* *dit*

All done! So, for one afternoon, I upgraded a customer's PBX system. Then its time for the customer to acknoledge my work and also to sign for the documents.

So, I went to look for the PIC (person in charge) who told me to look for another lady to sign for them. Fine, I did that but when it came to signing for the invoice, I was told to refer back to the PIC as she does not sign anything that pricing in them. So, I had to search for the PIC again. Hmmmm

Sounded like they both are not talking to each other. Either that, or I am mistaken. But I did feel like the Bat in the story of the Birds versus the Animals story.

OK, its not so bad now.
The skin is drying and peeling off without any more blood flowing out