The Phaser Rifle XI

So, I finally found the "correct" housing for the front business of the scope. It might not be canon but looks as if it could fit. I will have to confirm this once I get to meet with Reno this Saturday. Things have become quite hectic for me now, not least because I have a few outstation trips to Kuantan, Kota Bahru, Prai and so on, but because my two daughters are becoming quite a handful for the both of us. Everyone is on edge and knowing my temper, might even break everyone.

So, I just have to let some things go, a few projects to stop for the moment and see how things go by the end of this year.

The first one on the right is too big.
The middle one looks ideal but it cannot hold the lens securely
The latest is the pair on the left, which looked ideal

Shine a torch from behind and it looks ok
But in actual build, the LED would be just behind the lens,
like the diagram below

OK or not?

For Alantam

OK, I have managed to set up the stuff for Alantam. What it consist would be:
1) The microprocessor and programmer board (foreground of picture)
2) The bank of LEDs (rear middle of picture)
3) The Bluetooth module (rear right of picture)
4) The software and programming CD

But due to insufficient time, I could not build the interface circuit for you to well, interface with the rat (in the journal paged 107) which hence, must be built from scratch. Its actually a low noise amplifier op-amp which I cannot get from Pasar Road. But I am sure maybe SharkyPG can get it in Penang. But try not to kill the rat la. As for the software, I guess Loctor is able to program it in a jiffy as he is quite an expert in this.

Yeah, I have to stop a lot of things because my two daughters are becoming hard to handle and my Wife is always sharpening her chopping knife every night........

And this whole thing around costs RM2,000
The Bluetooth alone is already RM1,280 already