My freedom is gone

That is, until I can find the time to take leave,
scrape RM300 and spend one whole day like
a moron at the Immigration Centre

My lunch..........

Haiyo! So busy today la. Want to go out and eat also cannot. Got meeting with vendors la, then got problem with systems and customers la. One customer, hor, on MC today, so my technician cannot attend the call, go there only can see locked door. The other hor, dunno wat the Terrorkom did, all lines ring at opposite departments. Another hor, takes the cake la. Yesterday God dun like them, and so, today need new system. But they all, hor, getting quotation here and there, dilly dally until 3pm then only want to buy system. My technicians all went out already and they want to install fast fast. Haih, I have to rush and prepare system, make sure all working ok.

I so busy, ha, go s... in toilet also cannot.

Then my stomach hungerli liao. Dunno can run out to eat or not. Today also so hot, the stupid guy won't deliver the food here wun. Even if got, maybe come with sukky face summore. Haih, dun want to raise my anger level la.

So, luckily hor, remembered my waist pouch got emergency ration.........

Ha ha. Me buy this in February and forgot about it

Since no expiry date, should be OK to eat, kua.

Months in the pocket, melted by body heat (thigh) and squashed by tools

It tasted goos but looked like s...

From another angle, it still looked like s...
And I nearly lost my appetite due to me thinking toilet stuff

Must stock up on more emergency rations. Maybe get this one but got crickly-crackly sounds la.

Summore, expiry date still long time to go

Or, maybe this one la. If hungerli, feed the eyes first la, ha ha ha ha:

Star Trek Voyager CommBadge

Oh, I need you, I want you
Can't you be mine?