New Moon

New Moon Fishmaw. Yep. New Moon. New. Moon

But on the some replica prop forums and the likes, the name is dirt for recasting stuff. Don't even let me start on this topic. There is nothing good once you open the can (heh) of worms...

Last day of school b4 CNY

Today is more or less the last day of school for Kristine. And in just a few more days, it would be Chinese New Year. Coming to think about it, unlike the past CNY, this time, its coming in like a stealthy ninja with a big bang. We have been expecting this months ago but just last week, our enthusiasm sort of waned. Maybe its because of the lack of 'Advertisements' in the media or the number of CNY items for sale on the street. Or maybe, we are starting to get tired of it all.

A slightly larger crowd of anxious parents waiting at the gates. Seriously, if I wanted to, I could just agitate them and tell them to break down the gates, they might. Or might not.

Time to stand back and let the tide of excited school children flow....

At the back of the car, I bought a lot of KFC stuff on the way, mainly KFC chicken rice, which is for most of the family.

And which Krsitine dug into it almost immediately as she was famished.
Since this post was so long ago, I could not remember if I took leave or not and I could not remember the reason why I bought KFC. Except that the only thought was it was 'too late' for the lunch hour.