My name is Bond....

While I was at a customer's place, my mind could not help but keep thinking about the children toys shop nearby. But because they're situated in a hazardous place, better for me to get the car parked as near as possible to the shop. And so, with luck, I completed the service call with minutes to spare and I literally rushed out of the customer's place and started my car.

And I did something which I have never done before: Double-parked in a corner and in front of a busy intersection.
After braving foreign coolies and transvestites, I managed to get my hands on the latest treasure! Wa hoo! Behold!

OK, so the Walther P99 in this case is silver.
But for RM8.00, I am not complaining much.

See? Real size! And nowhere else in KL that I know
of, sells them. Because all of a sudden, all shops that
did carry toy guns, regardless of size, dried up.

Kaelynn demonstrating how to load the gun.
I did not teach her anything but just handed
it to her and within minutes of looking it over,
she knows how to eject the ammo clip. Since I
did not put any BB bullets in it, I doubt she'll
know the significance of her actions.

Pew! Pew! Pew!

Later on, the kids lost the magazine clip. Sigh

Enjoying the Orange

Well, this is a priceless shot, I suppose. Both had their
own orange juice first while waiting for the food to
arrive. And Kristine as usual, was chattering away.

Making choices

Me: OK, girl. What do you want to do now?
Kristine: I want to take bath

Me: OK. Have you picked out your clothes?

Kristine: Not yet, Dad.
Me: Go and choose your clothes, then
Kristine: OK
Me: And place them on the ironing board so you can see the clothes you have chosen
Kristine: OK

She's going to be a big girl now, and once in a while, I let her make her own real decisions. I mean, I will let her decide her answer and not "lead" her to choices I have set. So, this way, she can start to think (I hope) properly before answering because once the decision is set, she will have to live with the consequences.

Eating spaghetti the Kaelynn way

Step 1: Dip the spaghetti into the chicken soup

Step two: Swing it about until Mommy starts to
complain or the table is full of soup.

Step three: Put the strand into the mouth and suck it


Dammit. I've always need to reconnect to the fucking StreamyX as the lines been down every few minutes. Either that, or its speed is crawling. Every time, its always the same, "Connect, Connect, Connect", again and again. And right now, with so many posts in the backlog and almost impossible to upload photos, I guess I'll have to stop this for the time being since I am beginning to lose my mood on this. Even a few minutes in the Office is not enough.

We pay Tolls to get into traffic jams. And we willingly subject ourselves to paying high prices for cars and mobile phones too. So, I am not surprised we have to pay to get disconnected.

Malaysia Really Boleh, la!

Make a meal out of oats......

One thing I loved to add, when eating porridge at home, was the crunchy prawn chili. And because the I can turn the current oatmeal almost to the consistency of my favourite porridge, adding the chili is just natural. The wonders of this instant oatmeal is, once you add hot water and stir it up, you can make it watery or semi-solid, depending on how much oatmeal or hot water you want to add. The only thing I do not like to add (at the moment) is sugar or other sweet stuff. One day, when I am bored, maybe I'll go along the theory of mashed potatoes.......

Not wanting to wanting to waste the spoon, I dipped
it into the chili before adding the hot water.

This time, I decided to make it almost semi-solid
and its delicious. Then wife came in and started
to prepare lunch...... haiya. Too full for her lunch.

Where is my phone?

Where is my phone?

Has anyone seen it?

Have you see it?

No! Not me!

Me neither!

This is so sad....

Rest in Peace, Yasmin Ahmad. I am feeling so shocked now..........