Its a BUG!

Its using an ARM processor with 128MB RAM, has USB interface, built-in Wifi, camera, GPS, audio player, touch screens and any other things you can think of. In fact, it could be anything you can think of. This is a fully hackable Linux computer and it comes with various modules you can you integrate into you ideal gadget.

For those who are well into Linux, you can build your own gadget/application.I am interested because now, I do not have to search for Mobile phone that has a GPS, camera, MP3 player, etc. I can possibly now, build my own device. Go over here for further developments.

This is the BUGbase, the main unit and above it are some
modules you can plug in.

Nice or not? I think in the end, all products would be
open source.

This is the prototype with the various modules

You can plug in the modules however you like.
Reminds me of my transparent GameBoy


I took this yesterday evening. Unfortunately, I was about one
minute too late as by the time I parked the van and started
shooting, the scene was already dark. When I first saw it,
the Sun was shining brightly amongst the dark evening clouds


So, at Rantau Panjang, I got two long dresses for Kristine and a yellow dress for Kaelynn. The first, a bluish Dora the Explorer, costs me RM20 (from RM25) and the pink dress with flowers costs me only RM11 (from RM15). Kaelynn's only cost me RM15 (from RM20). All in all, it was a good bargain.

Until I showed it to my wife who says I got cheated. She has seen something like this sold in Pasar Malam for a lot less. And not only that, since Rantau Panjang is a tourist trap and I happen to be a guy, it was an easy job for the ladies there to sucker me left, right and centre.

Haih. Next time, I'd better leave the shopping to my wife unless its something to do with computers, electronics and other stuff which I am more familiar with.

But, I think my Hip bag (RM35.00) is still a bargain though, even if the straps are a bit low quality.............. OK, OK, I got suckered on that one too.

The dresses for Kristine and Kaelynn

The Timberland Thigh Rig for me
[Note" The belts are dem soft and needs to be replaced]

And the fried coated anchovies for everyone!