About half past five, there was an accident. So, naturally, we all went to the window to take a look. What we saw was a silver Toyota Altis, wrecked in the middle of the road. Talking to a few bystanders, the story was that the Altis came down from the ramp at speed and was unable to avoid a lorry. They managed to rescue a child and brought him to the side. The driver survived too, thanks to the air-bag.

My colleague wanted the 4-digit number but I told him, it would be very bad if you took advantage from someone who died. Everyone's mood lifted we all realised no one died. And the 'thing' on the road was not a body.

And so, the Vultures were there, to claim
their prize. The Fire Department were
there too but left after a few minutes. This
was either everything is alright or, this is
something they cannot do anymore. The
absence of an ambulance led everyone to
think it was the latter.

And as usual, this caused a long jam. If you
look at the far left, that was the ramp where
everyone speeds. Where I am standing, in
less than 100 meters, was the accident.

Later on, when I went near the car, the engine was
missing. One of the Malay guy said, 'Thank God it
was a Toyota. If it was a Proton.......", and another
added, "Yeah, worse if it was a Kancil...". Which in
reality, sums up how the Public perceives Toyota.

Later on, I saw this lorry being loaded too.
Is this the lorry which got hit by the Altis?
Some said it spun a few times.......

Flavettes vs H1N1

A kind manager in the office gave us some
Vitamin C's to counter the H1N1. Its been
a long time since I had these tablets.