I love the De Lorean DMC12. I just love it. Ever since I saw it for the first time in Back to the Future, I just fell in love with it. And now, after so many years (or decades) a decent sized toy came out. I won't say its a Studio Model or even a model because if you're a BTTF fan, you will notice its inaccuracies. And if you're a real anal one, you'd be so disappointed to the point of actually committing hara-kiri.

As I have said, its a toy. A toy big enough to fit all your 3 3/4" figures. A toy big enough for you to 'play' out your fantasies. Anyway, I was tempted to get one until I realised a few problems:

1) The box art says "Back to the Furute II" when in fact the car is from the Back to the Future I movie. The is no Mr. Fusion and the wheels do not lock up for hover mode. This was due to licensing royalties.

2) The front grill is slanting and does not even have the 'DMC' logo.

3) The seat belts are molded and painted onto the chair.

And so, I did not buy it. But my heart still yearns for it because:

1) Spurred on by my Iron Modifications successes, I want to incorporate a Radio Remote system into it.

2) I want to modify the lighting inside the car's cockpit, especially the Flux Capacitor

3) I also want to modify all the lighting in the toy.

But lets just see how much I have after the salary 'deductions' and whether its still there in May.......

This is the De Lorean on sale at The Outpost. And for
no reason, I want one. I could not afford it but I want
one. What scares me is the thought of opening it up
and do obscene things with it.

This is the actual version I wanted since well long
long ago. However, I asked myself, why do I need
it for after i bought it? To modify and then sell it
off or modify as a table-piece? The word modify...

Anyway, after seeing it personally at The Outpost,
I really do want one. Bwaaaaa...........

I should not have pushed the button.
I should not have pushed the button.
I should not have pushed the button.

I should not have pushed the button.
I should .... I want one! Bwaaaa.......

Want one!
Want one!

Want one!

I think I may have some Compulsive Disorder

If not, why do I need to clean everyone's balls?

The Last Minute Repulsor

OK, this is a rush job for me. All the while, I had all the time from Sunday to Wednesday to do this. But in the end, I rushed it through on Wednesday night. For it was because most of the things I have (hoarded), could not be found due to so many boxes. Secondly, the family drill, I found out, broke years ago. By Tuesday, the draft of the armature is ready. It won't be near anywhere like the one you saw in Iron Man I. And so, by Wednesday, I had bought a drill at the nearest DIY shop near the office. And then by Wednesday evening, the drill bit I had out was of the size which meant I had to waste more time and money to get the correct bit.

And so, the real project started at 9PM and by 4 in the afternoon, it was finished. I had to call it a day because the drill bit actually shattered when I accidentally hit it on a table. I was so distraught not only because of the pressure I had unnecessarily subjected myself to but it finall dawned on me the huge amount of work left to make it look reasonably convincing.

Still, at least the thing is working 4 out of 10 times.

The raw materials which I bought. I only ended up using
less than 30% of it. What a waste.

Yeah, it does not look anything remotely like what you
saw in the movie.

Still at least it worked. And the saving grace is that
in the movie, the Arc Reactor lit up exactly like you
saw in the image above.

And so, I have less than 18 hours to go, to see if this monstrosity works in front of a crowd......