Trip to Kota Bahru Day Three

Third Day
After the final discussion, and with the electricity available, we mounted the PABX at last. But since the cabling guy can only make it on Thursday, the main distributor agreed to stay on for another day to discuss with him. And he can't leave until Thursday afternoon, anyway.

And this is where I start my journey from East Coast to the Northern State. Sigh another seven hours drive here.

The nice view from the Hotel window overlooking
the car park and trees. I love trees

Better check out fast, the clouds are not too friendly

The newly mounted system and the new
electrical outlets

Once I exit Kota Bahru, I have to follow the Rantau Panjang
route. Which takes me near to the Malaysia-Thailand border
If only I had a valid passport. So, I have to use the left lane.

The town today is pretty much deserted, maybe
because its lunch-time. The last time we came, it
in the morning where there were lots of people

Its really deserted. And hot

After passing through Rantau Panjang, I have to
exit via the second checkpoint.

Then I have to take the route to Jeli then to Grik

Just after a few kilometers, and after one big corner,
you can see rows of shops on both sides of the road
which are selling the same stuff at Rantau Panjang

And its so @#$& hot

Oh, just in case you want to go to Thailand, its
still not too late to change your mind. Ha ha ha

Then, as you go further, its time to enter the mountains

When you see this nose-shaped rock, keep to the left

Because we're going twisting left, right, up and down
the roads. Yeah!
BTW, this is the road going up

This is the road going down, which is very steep,
actually but its fun on my Satria!

This tunnel reminds me of an arcade game, Outrun
I think. But you can't go too fast, OK.

And there is a reason why they have a speed limit

This the lovely bridge which I wanted to stop to take
more photos since the Haze is gone

116 Km more to go...............

And I tell you, this last leg of the journey is boring
There were so much lorries and cars all the way to
Kulim, the drive was tiring and irritating.