My Nokia 5800 new casing

I was shocked today. Barely a week has passed that the new spare black casing has already developed some cracks. Maybe its me or the kids but this is not a nice thing to discover as this is already my last housing. Luckily, on the same day, my order from eBay arrived...........

The plastic for this casing is quite fragile as I have
mentioned before. It can take normal wear and
tear but once yo give it a sharp shock, it'll crack.

The big surprise is that these two packages arrived on
the same day, to my house address. I distinctively did
remember the mailing address to be my Office. Luckily,
wife did not scold me. Anyway this post is about the
first package, which is the smaller one.

Once I opened it up, the seller not only packed
the casing but also included a free gift in the
form of a screen protector and wipe. Cool! You
won't get this from any shop in Malaysia. Also,
the cost is less than RM20.00 while at the kiosk
where I asked at Tropicana Mall's Carrefour, it
would have cost me RM35.00..........

As you can see, this is a transparent blue casing, and
although it feels rubbery and all, its hard and doesn't
attract dust like a normal rubber or silicone surface.
They have other colours too from red to grey to purple
to green and so on but I chose blue since my N5800
is the blue edition. OK, so I like Blue, fair enough.

The cutouts for the speakers, slider, etc. are spot on,
only the mic is out of place a bit. But for the camera
and the volume button, its still covered but with a
thinner layer. Still, everything is good except for the
slider, which controls the screenlock, which takes some
getting used to. You can slide it nicely with a thumb
but the moment you use fingernails, its troublesome.

Compared to the old casing, the camera hole is now
much wider and easier for me to clean the lens. But
wait, what are those patterns on the back?

Why, its a gecko (cicak) motif. Works OK for me
because I don't kacau them. Everyone else in the
family does and they get a lot of "troubles"

One thing about this new casing is that although
its great for sloping surface, the most important
thing is that I can now access the Media button
once again (as shown on the blue strip) without
going to various levels in the menu. Hooray!

One final fact is that it is thin enough for it to be
pocketed in a generic phone pouch. So, I don't
have to get another one. I could keep it in my
pocket but the amount of fluff in there could
jeopardise the phone like what it did to my
Sony Ericsson T630's joystick.