The Fans of Blueyebabe

Sometimes, when we blog, there is a certain reason why we do so. I blog because I wanted to show the World how my two girls are getting on, without having to spend time and money calling everyone, SMS or even spam them with updates. And at that time, Facebook was not even in fashion.

No, I do not want to participate in Facebook anymore. I have actually cancelled it but it keeps reminding me to join back or something. I just do not get it. And like Peter Chao says, why would anyone needs to know what I am doing at 3AM in the morning?

Anyway, that is one of the reasons why I stick to blogging. I do not get poked, or whatnots and I do not have to check it daily and so on. I do not have time for this. And don't even get me started on Tweeter too. And so, I blog.

This way, if anyone wants to know how I am, or how the girls are, they just need to visit the page. Now, the topics are usually nonsense but some of them are also project related where when I finished them, my friends will just visit the site for updates and also for more detailed explanations. But also, this is another way to keep up with relatives too. Yeah, we blog but as far as our families are concerned, they do not know about our blogs, except for a select few who knows the "code" not to reveal too much. Hee hee hee hee.

Kristine's reaction to Blueyebabe's Ninja Text,
thinking its a monkey. Yeah, she is one of their
favourite Aunts.
(Aunt. See? She is getting old aledi. Ha ha ha)

Both of them were fascinated by the "monkey"

The 3 week old bread

I was so busy that I have missed the bread I bought more than three weeks ago. After looking carefully for fungus and all, it still looks and smells OK to me. Either my nose is blocked or there's a lot of preservatives in there. Still, its good luck for me as I get to save on lunch again.

Its squashed and abandoned.

Although the slices are stuck together, its
still edible and with a bottle of 100plus
orange to wash it down, I am still alive.

The Candy Flop

When I was young, one of the type of sweets I did not like was the candy floss. But I love seeing them being made. What they do was a lady would scoop some stuff in a small cup and then pour the contents into a small funnel and turned on a small motor. After a few minutes, the dish outside the funnel is full of "cobwebs". So, the lady would take a small stick and dip into the cobwebs, spinning the stick as as it went round and round. In the end, the stick would turn into a pink fluff. That's candy Floss for you.

But now, here's a new one: Candy Flop

The bags were still full of air

And the small goop on an ice cream
cone is actually the candy floss that

How it happened, I am not sure
but I can tell you its way past
its expiry date.

Any idea how it happened?

Getting up in the morning

Every morning, I had a hard time getting Kristine to wake up. Its like starting a cold engine in the North Pole. As soon as I got her up, she would open her eyes, and look around. If she does not like what she sees, she would pout and maybe start to cry. Or, she would go back to sleep.

Either way, I have to call her again and again until she gets up by herself or I lose my temper.

And so, since today is a holiday, Mommy
had the chance to wake Kristine up.
And she pampered her somemore.........