Jaundice Alert!

Today, both Kristine and Mom are admitted back to the Hospital. We did notice the skin was a bit yellowish but then again, to us, it was normal. Only when my Wife brought her to see the Doctor, (since today was a scheduled follow-up visit) Kristine was confirmed to have Jaundice.

Funnily enough, the Doctor said Kristine was ready to go home despite my insistence of staying just another day in case it (jaundice) really developed. Yeah, everyone believed the Doctor except me.

Oh, well, I am going to go over there soon, after rushing back from servicing my customers

Update: 2045
OK, just came back to take my bath after fetching Mom home. She has to cook dinner (special Confinement Value Meal) for my Wife since the Hospital UV Sun Tan package did not include meals for her. After this, I am going back there, to spend the night with them.

Kristine hates the UV and the eye-patch we made for her. The moment we put her onto the bed, she knows it and would cry. (The irony is, she might be eagerly paying more for this 20 years later). The Nurse told us that although Kristine was fine, Jaundice would not be detected until after a few days for some.

Mommy trying to comfort poor Kristine