Getting old.....

Yep. I am getting old. More than 10 years ago, when
I spot a white hair, I would pull it out. Now, when I
spot one white hair, it turned out to be three. So, this
means I should have heeded the advise of not pulling
any white hair at all.......because they multiply.

My, my, what large cups you have....

So, after a brief talk with the Boss, I am more or less cemented my position to where I currently am. And this finally is a relief as now I can continue and also, start to do what we are doing, which is basically doing what they have always been doing. Still it will be very soon when I can be truly part of the team.

What better way to celebrate than raiding
the pantry for a cup of Milo? Since every
one commented on my cup size......

I might as well use this. No, la. I will drink Milo as
much as I can, as I was informed that they are
free. One day, when my Gout is reduced, I will
bring the oats and tuna into the pantry...