22052016 Extending my pipe

There is one thing I hate with those liquid pump dispensers when the liquid is at its minimal level. We're all been there where we just kept pushing that poor dispenser down repeatedly hoping to get all the liquid out. And the poor little thing could only spit out bubbles and small blobs. Its not a problem if you have the same type of refill but when its a different one, yeah, like moi, I'd like to get them all out before the cleaning.

And the worst thing? Opening that damn thing when your hands are wet and full of suds just to pour out the precious last drops of detergent to prolong the inevitable. Yeah, no one hates to clean it for the next refill.

Anyway, after more than two decades, I have found the perfect solution. The previous ideas of using flexible hose was great except for one minor detail; no one is going to sell you 12 inches or less for your washing fetish. And so, I did not think much about since I'm a sadist when it came to the pump dispenser.

But through a chance conversation, a certain colleague in the electrical department introduced me to some very nice flexible hose. It has the right diameter (and is a possible component for the Ghostbusters Proton Pack prop).

And so, here is it, the 8mm hose which is quite strong too. When I have the time, I'll look into the Ghostbusters Proton Pack to see if this is the right hose as well.

I don't believe in mixing the liquids and so after some nice cleaning/flushing, I filled the 'Goat's Milk' with 900ml of ZIP's 2014 International Award Winning Lemon Verbena, awarded by The Chicago Anthenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design. In other words, the snap-locked cap was PITA to open.
Yeah, so now I can keep on pumping and my rigid pipe will take care of everything.

22052016 The Onion Dip

One thing I like when I comes to crispy stuff such as well, crisps, tortilla, plain biscuits or even slices of vege is that I like to add sauce to them. The most simplest of all would be to jsut squeeze the ketchup bottle. But then, I'd be thinking, how about adding  some chili sauce too (my usual McD habit and at one time, pepper as well). Once that spark fired up, ideas such as experimenting with Thousand Island, Kewpie, mayo, other sauces and ingredients came into the picture. It would be great if  I can have all the right sauces for the right crisp but hey, food is food.

In the end, I settled for what I can make, with what's in the fridge...

The usual suspects for the onion dip. (L-R)L Crunchy Squid (the crunchy prawns are more common though), some garlic chili sauce, Lingam's Thai Chili sauce, ketchup, mayo and pepper mix. Of course you don't have to get them exactly, just make sure there's your basic ketchup, chili sauce, mayo and white onion.

This is how the sauces looked without the mayo, of course.

I love this knife which I can chop the onions smaller. Getting a blender would be nice but then the onions would be too fine.

Onions into the mix. Two pieces of raw garlic is for that zing to the tongue. If you like it, add more but don't talk to me.

Added the teaspoon of mayo. At this stage, if you want it to be sweeter, add more (sweet) ketchup. If you want it to be hotter, well, how about tabasco?

Tastes great with carrots! One day, I might want to add a few drops of lemons too.

22052016 More Salad!

Although I'm due to go back to KL in less than ten days's time, I still need to make sure there is food when I come back from work. And if no one switches off the electricity, then whatever food kept in the fridge would still be OK when I return. Anyway, I still have some pasta sauce and curry to last me more than 10 days. Yeah, I am slowly changing my diet to more pasta instead of rice since I get them during the day.

So, here are the components for the simple salad again. Ever since I know how to use that slice knife (3rd from right) it was a breeze slicing stuff provided I am careful. My curved knife (2nd  from right) was great for cutting vege stuff to small bits.

This time, I am going to finish the whole Marina Tuna. This was quite good and with the lemon and pepper in the oil, imagine how it would taste when you add a tablespoonful into a place of hot rice.

Yeah,they look weird right? Its actually normal and that's how it looked straight from the can.

Finally! After two tablespoon of mayo, its done! Of course I can add the roasted sesame and seaweed but its best to add them before serving and not before.

I love adding them to biscuits.

OK, nothing special about this. The Jacob's Wheats and Hup Seng's to me are much better. This is much sweeter and spoils the taste with the salad.

The four potatoes and eggs, plus some turnip, a cucumber and a carrot made enough for one and a half container which I hope to finish in one week as three week old salad tend to smell and makes you suspect your stomach's digesting abilities.

22052016 The Turnip

Seriously, I have never known that the thing I bought in my hands was a turnip. I have read about them in stories (The Largest Turnip, etc), drank some soup and that's it. It did not occur to me that the
thick 5mm to 10mm slice of white crunchy fruit I had as a boy was actually a turnip. A vegetable.

aka Sar Khok

You know, that white slice of crunchy deliosio thing which the auntie will spread some dark rojak sauce (no its not Marmite) and then sprinkle with some sugar and crushed peanuts. Yep, its that Sar Khok.

So, I bought a modest sized one for RM3.69. And after figuring out how to take off the skin, I relived my childhood ignorance once again. The turnip, for my purpose, is a great replacement for pears. Both were crunchy but the sweet weepy pear tends to leave its juices everywhere. I know its also been added to rojaks (Ok, I know. I know) but I have yet to experiment when making soups. Definitely not to be included in curries except before serving, though.

Yep,this is the turnip and the sign at the vegetable section said so. Its full of earth, and dirty as if it came out from the ground

After some careful slicing, this is the result. Man, that feels satisfying!

Since I do  not have rojak sauce nor sugar nor crushed peanuts, it going into the salad I'm making next.